WOODLAND (CBS13) – A Natomas man, who previously admitted to committing a hate crime as part of a plea deal, intends to withdraw his plea and wants a new lawyer.

Pedro Ramirez was expected to receive a 13-year sentence today for an unprovoked attack on a Sikh cab driver last November.

Pedro Antonio Ramirez (credit: West Sacramento Police Dept.)

Instead, the 32-year-old’s case was continued two weeks after he told the Yolo county judge he wants new counsel.

A second suspect in the crime, Johnny Morales, Jr., was sentenced to 300 days behind bars and three years probation.

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  1. Rick says:

    Is this guy an illegal alien Mexican National?

    1. Randy Gudgel says:

      Why, because he has a Hispanic name, you racist? Not everyone who is of Mexican (or further south) descent is here illegally.

      1. scopedope says:

        Not everyone, just most!

    2. Court Observer says:

      He is not

  2. old fart says:

    maybe it was a hate crime I would have thunk all crimes involed hate. I don’t think he knew this guy well enough to hate him. I think its a stupid crime most crimes involve being stupid.

  3. jack Hoff says:

    atleast sikhs assimilate, pay taxes, and speak english, unlike other undesirable free loading minorities that come from south of our border.

  4. mlbjock58 says:

    wouldn’t have thoughtasking a persons immigration status was racist nor strong armed robbery a crime of passion a stupid law yes as it seems the way out when evidence doesn’t support the indictment a lawyer asking one to cop to a hate crime needs a revue by the california bar especially after getting the co defendant to roll on him the judge needs to remind the lawyer of his duty addt’tl is further south a new nationality?

  5. Tejpreet says:

    Sikhs are the coolest and most peacefull people you will ever meet. Events like this and whats being done to the criminals, shows the injustice that still exists in our society.

    300 days behind bars for Johnny Morales is a JOKE!

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