By Laura Cole

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — “Don’t ask me the same question because you’re boring the hell out of me.”

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That was Arnold Schwarzenegger’s response when a reporter tracked him down in Los Angeles, looking for answers on why the former governor dramatically reduced the sentence of Esteban Nunez’s manslaughter conviction.

When the reporter asked Schwarzenegger the question once again, he responded by making a snoring sound.

CBS13 played that tape for the father of the man murdered.

Fred Santos, the father of the victim who was killed by former assembly speaker Fabian Nunez’s son, Esteban, wasn’t surprised by the former governor’s action to reduce Esteban’s sentence, calling him a “dirty politician.”

Schwarzenegger refused to comment about the commutation he made during his final hours in office.

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“This is part of our life, to be in our life, and to be in our lives for the rest of our lives so there’s nothing bored about this,” says Santos.

Santos couldn’t be more disgusted with the former governor.  His son Luis was stabbed and killed on the campus of San Diego State in 2008. Esteban pleaded guilty to manslaughter, was given a 16 year sentence, and during his final days as governor, Schwarzenegger reduced it to just seven years.

“He probably, you know, would worry more about whether he has time to buy new shoes for the next social event than whether he carried out an injustice to my family,” says Santos.

Santos is now focusing his attention on getting Esteban’s sentence reinstated.

“All of these are not that hard to take, remember the worst that could happen to a parent has already happened,” explained Santos.

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In order to get Esteban’s sentence reinstated, the Santos family has filed a lawsuit saying their rights were violated when they were never notified in advance that the sentence would be reduced. The lawsuit is still pending.