NEW YORK (CBS13/AP) – Another surprise announcement out of New York this morning about the possible move of the Sacramento Kings.

The NBA has granted the owners of the Sacramento Kings an extension until May 2 to file paperwork requesting a relocation to Anaheim.

Joe and Gavin Maloof were supposed to submit the documents by Monday, but the league’s owners decided to delay that after hearing from Anaheim and Sacramento officials during their two days of meetings that ended Friday.

Commissioner David Stern said the league wanted to “do a little bit more fact finding” after Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson told owners Thursday of additional revenue that had been identified, of the city’s commitment to build a new arena, and revealed an interested potential buyer in Pittsburgh Penguins co-owner Ron Burkle.

WATCH: Are Ron Burkle and Chris Webber Teaming Up To Keep The Kings In Sac?”

However, the Maloofs insist they won’te sell and and said “Ron Burkle can go back where he came from”.

Commissioner Stern says the idea of a sale is “not a high priority on our agenda.”

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  1. Patti says:

    I wish the Maloofs would go back where they came from!!

  2. GZ says:

    Have the Sheriff run all three of them out of town….

  3. CeeJay says:

    And just where were the MaGoofs during the Laker game? Disneyland? Go for a new investor and a new team. The MaGoofs have absolutely NO loyalty to Sacramento fans, who sat through so many years of an average team and loved them anyway.

  4. Matt Wahl says:

    The Magoofs are really stupid businessmen. In fact they didn’t create the wealth that they have; they inherited it from their dad. They’ve squandered their inheritance by building the Palms, put themselves in hock up to their ears, then sold off their only real money maker, the beer distributorship and now they are going to move the Kings and lose the team to Samueli when they default on his loan. The Magoofs are broke. A new CBA will only marginally help them spend real money to get better players, so the reality is as long as the Magoofs own the team, the Kings will be terrible. Come on Joe and Gavin get your emotions out of the way of your decision making and use some common sense. SELL!! You can’t afford the Kings any more so SELL!!

  5. Shawn says:

    Have the owners of professional teams ever considered asking their players if they would like to move to a different city or state instead of treating them like rag dolls who have no say. Players who are happy where they are play better and the teams do better. It’s a win win for both the owners, players and fans. It should be about the “Love for the Game” not about “Where can I make the most money”.

    1. Dewayne says:

      Sound like Shawn is living in Disneyland. WOW…how NAIVE can you be? Get back into reality Shawn, it’s ALWAYS about the money!

  6. Darryl says:

    Really? ANOTHER extension? Really? And why all of a sudden is George popping his head out of the hole?

    I see it this way – The Maloofs have been saying all along their moving – They baited Anaheim into going for the hook. So….George, tell your brothers to pack up and move out already. Quit trying to hold the city hostage or give false hope by filing an extension. Don’t let the door hitcha where the Good Lord splitcha!!!! B’Bye!!!

    1. Bill says:

      George is taking control because his dumber brothers continually say the wrong things when they are put on the spot. He has tried to stay out of the limelight over the years, but due to Joe and Gavin’s inability to serve as the “faces” of the Maloof family, he has had to step in.

      Now that a feasible option has presented itself, you will find George taking the reins and making sure that it happens. Joe and Gavin aren’t humble enough to handle someone questioning their motives and would probably blurt something out when put on the spot that would kill the deal.

      Expect George to handle everything from here on out.

    2. Heather says:

      YES. I understand the few die hard fans who are trying to fight for this team to stay here, but I have NO intentions of footing the bill for these playboys and poor businessmen. Sacramento needs to understand that these owners do NOT care about the city, as evidenced by the fact that they wanted residents to foot the bill. Get out of town – let a team come in that the city can really get behind… plus, they are going to lose $ when they go to Anaheim, and these Maloof boys deserve that. Don’t fall into their trap, Sacramento….

  7. Adina says:

    Maloofs have no interest in doing whats best for Sacramento or for the Kings. They have become greedy and selfish. If they can’t have the team, nobody can. The sad part is that they are going to drag the team into the ground. I think Sac will be ok, and we will end up with a team and probably another winning one at that. They are a sorry representative of Sacramento and I will be glad to see them leave……just wish they would leave our boys behind.

  8. EJA says:

    Comment on the Maloof’s: Sacramento should be happy to ditch these Dorks. I am ready for something new. Lets get a fresh start with Burkle. The Dorks are broke and want to leave — let them. Billionare Burkle wants to work to bring a team to Sacramento — lets help him do that.

  9. Rich says:

    The Maloofs have been great for the city of sacramento. Our city council cannot build a new sports complex and that is what this is about. They cannot be profitable in Arco!!!! I support the Maloofs and hope our city can finally step up and do what is right for the people of sacramento

    1. Carlton Ashley says:

      You realize when you say city council you mean city residents to pay. That got shot down last go around. I’m not paying to keep them here. let private enterprise operate business and let goverment operate goverment.

      1. Heather says:

        Hear Hear! I love that people understand what these Maloof guys are all about. $$. They spend it faster than they can make it.

  10. sac23kings says:

    1. Maloofs have never had love for Sac. They’ve always wanted to move the team down south, closer to their home of LV. They’d much rather have their team in LV, but since the NBA is scared of the gambling, Anaheim is the next best thing.

    2. Stern hates small markets in general, and Sacramento with passion. He’s a business man, and this isn’t a business friendly town, it’s a political town. He hates dealing with snotty politicians sticking their noses into everything. If he can help the Maloofs get the team out of Sacramento, he will be happier than a virgin getting his first piece.

    3. Most- if not all- team owners are no different from welfare families. They want as much money as possible for as little effort and investment on their part as possible. The Maloofs are no different, and Burkle will be no different. His goal is to make money, right? Even if he does buy the team, he isn’t going to keep it here because it’s the charitable thing to do, he’s going to keep it here because he’s going to get a return on his investment. If no return, no Kings in Sac.

    1. Bill says:

      Stern hates Sacramento because of the several million dollars he spent on the land swap plan that ended up being killed by our shortsighted populous…

      1. sac23kings says:

        If I remember correctly, it wasn’t the voters that voted down the deal to move the Kings to Cal Expo, it was the officials in charge of Cal Expo that turned that down, which made sense to turn down from the Expo’s perspective. Their location is prime. The arena property is much smaller than the Expo property.

      2. barry says:

        Sterns hates Sac that correct. He is only interested in N.Y.,Lakers, and Boston, the other cities mean nothing to him, maybe Chi. Land swap was a stupid Idea from the get-go. It was killed by the state of CA.

  11. Don says:

    Lets all sit back, take a deep breath, and GET REAL! There was nothing wrong with the Sacramento region prior to the Kings moving here. In fact we had a great community. There wasn’t anyone wringing their hands and worrying that we had no NBA team.
    When the Kings leave, the Sacramento area will STILL be a great place to live. The NBA is entertaining, but does NOT improve the quality of life here.

    1. Bill says:

      OK, I get what you’re saying, but unfortunately, you are completely ignoring the supporting industries that formed in Natomas as a result of the Kings being here. Thousands of people who depend on the influx of money from the foothills will be without a paycheck and the poverty rate in Sacramento will grow exponentially.

      Several economic studies have concluded that the resulting unemployment rate would devastate the area. So while YOUR life may not be impacted, your compassionate nature should relate to your neighbors down the hill who will end up with nothing as a result.

  12. Something to think about says:

    I partially agree with you as I am not a big Kings fan. However, the reality is that many people will lose their jobs, I also wonder about the businesses sourrounding Arco Arena …? In essence, the fans have a right to be upset. They have invested their time, money and support to this team. It’s still fresh. Can’t they be upset …at least for a little while? Let’s give them some time to vent their frustrations.

    1. Don says:

      The region lost two major air force bases and the Sacramento Army Depot, costing tens of thousands of jobs and crippling many small businesses. The impact of the Kings leaving town will be only a small fraction of the hit we took with the loss of the military.

      1. Bill says:

        The military bases leaving town was met with the TRANSFER of many jobs. But, if you want to take a look at the resulting economic impact in this area, take a look at the population of Rancho Cordova. This has become one of the least affluent areas in northern California as a direct result of Mather shutting down.

        Natomas will be worse.

      2. barry says:

        bill”s right

  13. greybirdie says:

    Time for the Maloofs and the Kings to take a hike. Please leave and also pay the millions you owe in a cashiers check or cash. By the way do not let the door hit you in the ass.

    1. sac23kings says:

      You do realize that the money the Maloofs own doesn’t go into the city’s coffers, right? That money isn’t the City Of Sacramento’s. That money belongs to the investors that bought the bonds. If the Kings move, the city will not be financially better off. The investors may not even want the bonds to be paid off immediately, as the city wants. They get interest income from those bonds, and may want to keep collecting until they reach maturity.

      1. barry says:

        someone that understands $$$$

  14. sacramentofan says:

    I concur with the earlier comments on the Maloofs. It is obvious now, that Papa and Mama Maloof were the brain trust behind the growth in family wealth. The two stooges Joe and Gavin were handed the Kings to keep them out of the other, more important business dealings, that third stooge, brother George has managed to run into the ground. Selling the beer distributorship is the equivalent to “killing the golden goose”. Now they are $200 million in debt from a casino going belly up and a Kings team that keeps losing money. Do everybody a favor, sell the team to savvy businessman Burkle who will put a winner on the floor and build a downtown arena!

    1. sac23kings says:

      Ok, Burkle isn’t going to just poof, build an arena. He is a billionaire, yes, but he isn’t trying to buy the Kings out of charity. He’s doing it as an investment. He isn’t going to invest several hundred million of his own hard earned dollars on a new arena. He’s going to expect the same thing the Maloofs were expecting, which is some form of public funding (i.e. taxpayers foot the bill). If you think he’s going to buy the team and then waltz into Sac with wad of his own cash to build a new arena, you are sadly mistaken. Look at how the Penguins new arena was built (taxpayer money), and you see how his plan to build a new arena here would go down.

  15. Patrick says:

    I say go for a whole new team with Burkle…but keep Casspi, Thornton, Garcia, Udrih, Cousins and maybe one or two others. The Mafools should try to resurrect their casino and leave NBA teams alone! Maybe they should put their bleached-blond mother, or sister, or whoever she is, in charge!!!

  16. me says:

    Just move and do all this complaining down south, We need to work on another sport for Sacramento. I know how about bronk busting?

  17. intheknow says:

    It all about salary caps in the NBA if you want a winning team. The Kings are at the bottom, $45,000,000. The Lakers are on top, $90,000,000, Cobie get, $35,000,000. All the winning NBA teams have much higher then minimum salary cap.
    The Maloofs are up to their necks in depth because of their loosing Las Vegas casinos. I believe Maloofs think by going to Anahiem a billion, probably the the Ducks hockey team owner will buy the team for a much higher price.
    They probably won’t be able to keep Evans, Cousins, or Thorton when they demand higher salaries.