TURLOCK (CBS13) — The city of Turlock is offering $1,000 to businesses if they move into empty storefronts.

There is plenty of space available in downtownTurlockand city leaders are using a unique incentive to attract new business; they’re offering cash to motivate business owners to move in.  But the catch is that you have to set up shop in an empty storefront.

“The downtown has gone from 20 percent vacancy to right under 13 percent, so there’s still space and we’d like to encourage businesses to fill up,” says Roy Wasden, Turlock City Manager.

The money is coming from the general fund, which is about $150,000 in all. But, city leaders think the program will help boost the local economy.

“So you see a natural rise in values and properties, sales tax, jobs and people able to spend money,” says Wasden.

A handful of people have shown interest, but no one has signed up just yet.

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  1. Bryan says:

    Way to go Turlock! If you remove the predetermined dilapidated area restrictions on your home buying assistance program, I’d love to buy a home in your fine city. Instead of renting in a nice neighborhood.

  2. L84dnnr says:

    great idea, the economy can’t fully recover until criminals have more places to rob.

  3. cgood2 says:

    $1,000 isn’t enough to create any incentive. Obviously, local government doesn’t understand how much it actually takes to operate a business.

  4. Jerl Khachi says:

    Turlock city counsel should reduce business operation fee to Turlock. If Turlock can stop being so greedy to fine and fee new business from opening in Turlock. This will encourage more business start ups, More businesses in Turlock, the better the Turlock economy will be. Turlock City counsel should start a fictitious business and really see how much Turlock will take from this fictitious business in fee and start up cost. Turlock city counsel should do more to encourage businesses to flourish in Turlock. People from all parts of California should want to come shop in Turlock.

  5. Chris Markel says:

    turlock and modesto have always had a greedy attitude. both are very unfriendly towns.

  6. yadi says:

    from what I’ve heard of all the closings in the last few years, ie mistletoe and roses, the bible store, etc. was the high rents that kept going higher with the landlords not interested in whether their stores were filled or not as they just used them as tax writeoffs. those stores are still empty, all the stores that used to lure me downtown were closed due to high rents. $1000.00 to potential renters won’t fix that.

    1. John Betgeorge says:

      did the bible store close down? i thought they moved up main street in a bigger building?

  7. John Betgeorge says:

    lets see here. you spend way too much money on the brick sidewalks, which added no flavor, money is spent on ridiculous statues that means nothing to most locals, 13% spaces filled…you want us to come in there and spend roughly 20-50k to open a store to earn $1000. as a business owner or one who desires to be one this makes no sense whatsoever! if location location location is everything then this deal means nothing.

  8. Zzzzz says:

    Time for a new marijuana shop…. always a success!!

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