By Laura Cole

LODI, Calif. (CBS13) — A number of children have to cross a notoriously dangerous section of Highway 12 to reach the bus stop every day, and parents are concerned that something tragic could happen sooner rather than later.

After the Lodi Unified School District was forced to cut $2 million from their transportation budget last year, they slashed routes and consolidated bus hubs.

Now 9-year-old Emily Marquez and her mother Erika have to cross a section of a roadway nicknamed “Blood Alley” to get to the school bus every day.

“You get really, really nervous cause you’re scared something bad might happen,” Emily said. “There’s no crosswalk, and you’re definitely crossing illegally.”

Erika says her family only has one car and can’t afford to drive Emily to school every day.

District officials say their hands are tied due to budget cuts and can’t stop the bus at most students’ homes in rural areas anymore. They fear additional cuts are coming in next year’s state budget and say parents should contact their state representatives to help prevent reduced services.

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  1. Brooke says:

    Why are they walking an hour each way for her to catch the bus? If that’s true maybe they should just take the extra time and walk to school, if they are so worried. When I took Lodi’s school buses some 12 years ago, the drivers would stop traffic for us to cross the street. I realize that might be almost impossible on Highway 12, but maybe it’s an option?

  2. mike says:

    illegal or legal i wouldnt want to see some kid splatered all over hy.12 some of you should try crossing it your self in the morning before you run your mouths much else a kid

    1. jack says:

      if mommy (illegal) roach didn’t’ spit out Anchor roach, There really wouldn’t be a issue

  3. Vallie says:

    Many people have only one car. The other person (father?) can’t drop the kid off at school like an hour earlier? Or find a family or fellow student that lives closer to the school, that you can drop your kid off at? This situation can be avoided !

  4. luanne says:

    No where in that story does it say they walked an hour to get to the bus; it just says they have to cross the highway to get to the bus. And I agree with Mike, if you have never driven that section of Highway 12 (let alone try to walk across it), you probably should go check it out before you comment.

    1. Brooke says:

      Sorry, I accidentally reported this, I didn’t mean to, I’ve done this before by clicking the wrong button.

      Also, it does say they walk an hour each way, it’s right after they are talking about only having one car.

      1. k says:

        Not to nit pick, but it doesn’t say anywhere in this story about anyone walking an hour. Maybe they changed it from when you last read it.

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