By Ron Jones

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A 15-year-old girl says she was expelled from an evangelical Christian high school after telling friends on her Facebook page she was bisexual.

Alexandria Kraft said she was surprised when a teacher at Calvary Christian School in Sacramento confronted her after reading about her intimate relationship with another girl on her online profile.

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“I’ve always been curious about it but I never really had a girlfriend,” Alexandria said.

The teacher told the student “that’s not accepted here” and ordered her to go home, Alexandria said.

“The teacher said, ‘Take your books and leave. You’re kicked out,’” she said.

Alexandria’s mother, Catina Ayala, said she was baffled by the school administration’s response to the revelation and their subsequent phone call to her, “asking me if I knew my daughter was gay.”

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“For them to act the way they did is totally discrimination,” Catina said.

Calvary Christian School is part of the Calvary Evangelical Center, a conservative Christian church. School and church officials didn’t comment on the situation despite repeated requests from CBS13.

Administrators didn’t say school policy prohibited homosexual students, but instead relied on the Bible as their final authority, Catina said.

School officials also asked if Catina knew of any other kids at the school that are bisexual.

“Well, let me tell you there is. I know that for a fact,” she said.

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The California Supreme Court has ruled in 2009 that private schools are not obligated to follow California’s civil rights laws.