By Laura Cole

RANCHO CORDOVA, Calif. (CBS13) — A mother accused of domestic violence and child endangerment denied accusations that she told her daughter to stab her husband and claimed she was the victim of domestic violence.

Krista Wagner, 31, was arrested last week after her husband suffered stab wounds and told police he was assaulted at their Rancho Cordova home during an argument.

In an interview from the Sacramento County Jail, the mother of three said she never attacked him and didn’t tell her 4-year-old daughter to stab him with a butter knife.

“He told the cops that I slapped him three to four times in the face,” Wagner said, adding that he struck her during the altercation.

The toddler did stab her husband, but Wagner said she believes her daughter was just trying to protect her and got the idea from “Child’s Play,” a horror movie released in 1988 about a killer doll come to life.

“I think it’s from watching Chucky,” Wagner said. “He lets her watch these kinds of movies and I [told] him before she can’t watch that kind of stuff because she acts really evil.”

All three of Wagner’s children, including her 19-day-old baby boy, are in custody of Child Protective Services.

Wagner is being held on $50,000 bond.

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  1. robert says:

    william not the father of all 3 of krista’s kids i know who erieanna real father is and she wasnt married when she got pregnant with erieanna and william was with another women. also seen pictures and video of krista heading to work and william having sex with another . he was being taped while she was at work he cheated why did she marry a liar, a cheater and a dead beat i will never know . she left one dead beat loser to get with another dead beat loser then both wanted to work it out. well she went back in oct. 09 to finished the divorce i know because i went with her and was in court when the finaly got custody settle she is and have been filing everything to the court i even serived the papers by mail to last known address and just afte may 15 i took her back down to family court. so until you know the truth i think you should back of her and go on with your life . you wasting your life on these two and not taking care of any children you have so why dont you stop making yourself out to be a bad parent and go on with your family . robert

  2. Cleo says:

    Well Robert I guess you never learned puntuation in school.
    As far as why she only hooks up with losers is that is a low self esteem loser herself.

  3. dave says:

    Sounds like the kids are better off with cps. There both white trash loosers obviously. All you people that are on here spilling the beans about there life are not making either one of them look like good parents. I hope you dont speak like you type cause your sounding white trash also. Poor kids have no hope. It takes a village but a village does no good when its full of idiots!

  4. Can't stop laughing says:

    I never thought I would receive the best entertainment ever by a bunch of illiterate Rednecks.LOL..For example: It’s not “When they wasn’t living together,it’s When they “weren’t living together.You don’t say “they was not living together”,you say “they were not”living together.It’s pretty easy ,even for a bunch of trailer trash.Now let’s all pray the children ,unlike the uneducated twits that were so called “raising”them,will be adopted out to someone who uses both sides of their brain.In the mean time why don’t you all get together and go visit Yosemite,great views from Half Dome.Especially when you get real close to the shear side & look down.If it’s raining, don’t bother using the cables hiking up it,It’s more fun that way! Oh and you can get great photos of Vernal Falls If you wade into the river a few yards from the falls at the top.

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