GRANITE BAY, Calif. (CBS13) — The Sacramento County Sheriff’s helicopter was forced to make an emergency landing Wednesday evening after its crew was alerted to a potential mechanical problem.

Authorities said a warning light called a “chip light” turned on in the cockpit of Star 8 while the aircraft was performing a security check around Folsom Dam.

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The warning light indicated that a piece of metal is loose inside the engine, a potentially crippling problem. The deputies on board, one of whom was identified as Deputy Brian Rutledge, immediately landed the helicopter in a field near Willma Cavitt Junior High School.

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No injuries were reported.

A mechanic was brought to the scene to inspect the helicopter and flush out the engine oil, according to Captain Fred Links. The problem turned out to be an object smaller than a sliver of hair.

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In 2005, the Sheriff’s helicopter, Star 6, crash landed near Lake Natoma while on patrol. The aircraft caught fire after hitting the ground, killing two of the three occupants on board.