ISLETON, Calif. (AP) — A warning from federal officials has forced a would-be medical marijuana grower to scrap plans for a pot farm that officials in a small Northern California town saw as a possible major revenue source.

   The Sacramento Bee reports that Michael Brubeck, head of Delta Allied Growers, received a letter from U.S. Attorney Benjamin Wagner warning that the farm in Isleton would violate federal law.

   Brubeck’s attorney, William Portnova, told the Bee on Wednesday that the letter led his client to kill the project.

   Isleton — a rural town about 40 miles south of Sacramento — approved a deal last year with Delta that would guarantee the city at least $25,000 per month in exchange for a license to run the farm.

   A Sacramento County grand jury continues to issue subpoenas as it investigates the circumstances surrounding the town’s approval of the project.

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  1. Hope things change soon says:

    They should do it anyway….

    It is time for a change, and medical marijuana, seems to work for those who really need it.

    Medical Marijuana, could possibly get a lot of towns & cities out of debt, not to mention the whole Country.

    Given a choice of either taking a “norco” pill, or ingesting medical marijuana, I will go natural all the way… I hate the way, pain pills make me feel… I get sick to my stomach and can not hold food down, but with medical marijuana, I can keep my food down, and in fact am hungry, and I just might live longer… Hell, I might even live long enough to see my kids get married and have children themselves…???

    If that is taken away, I will have to resort to getting it in back street alleys, parks, or wherever I can…

    Let us who need it, have it….

  2. Love17 says:

    I agree to a point…if it were controlled say with a C3 prescription which would make it harder to get for people who do not NEED it then I would say Medical Marijuana is okay but…..there are way too many people who do not need it that are causing the problems..I can see use for extreme chronic pain and loss of appetite from Chemo and the such but just because they suffer from “anxiety” or migrains or just frustration with life…NO. I do suffer from extreme grief (loss of child) severe chronic pain (severe neuropathy and migrains) and definitely anxiety but do not need Marijuana for help, there are other ways to handle these issues and many many of them are natural as well.
    SO…no for use for now until they can classify it as a C3 or greater.

  3. MIKE says:


  4. Bradley Winchell says:

    Feds are in bed with Pharmaceutical companies.

  5. bud says:

    I wish the feds would work this hard on the border crossings

  6. Going to smoke it if it's Legal or not..... says:

    Just legalize it already….

    People are going to do it anyway, why not let the Federal Government regulate it and get on with the show and deal with the problem???

  7. Pete says:

    So what if someone uses marijauna,it sure as hell beats drinking alcohol and u cant overdose on it like prescription pills.People just need to mind they’re own business and get a life,bottom line is that marijauna is virtually harmless and its users dont bother noone.

  8. Shawn Curnutte says:

    LOL @ anyone thinking the “Mexican Cartel” puts weed on the streets… BS! Todays Marijuana is grown with every detail taken into consideration. Fans, Lights, Special Soils, Ph testing…..ETC. This is not the “BRICK WEED” of 10 years ago, the brown is no more. Mexican “Cartels” do not make a dime off of this fine plant.

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