ROSEVILLE, Calif. (CBS13) — The Roseville City School District is one of the few districts in the state that is planning to deal with the budget cuts expected for the next fiscal year without issuing any pink slips to teachers.

By contrast, San Juan Unified School District issued notices to 358 teachers for an expected $31 million deficit and the Elk Grove has issued 736 notices for their $41 million shortfall.

Roseville superintendent Richard Pierucci said the district expects to weather $6 million in cuts without having to lose any full time teachers. The region is seeing growth instead of a decrease in students, and they’ve left positions unfilled when teachers retired.

Employees have also made critical concessions, Pierucci said.

“We’re working with all employees to have 3 furlough days next year,” he said.

The district also has an option in the worst case scenario. When teachers go on leave, positions are filled by temporary teachers. If cuts are worse than expected, more than 2 dozen temporary teachers could be let go without the need for pink slips.

The tactic would still increase class sizes, administrators said.

“We’re sitting here playing a waiting game as we’re trying to prepare for the next year,” Pierucci said. “Makes it challenging.”

If state lawmakers balance the budget without passing tax extensions, cuts could amount to $695 per student — the worst case scenario.