SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — Gov. Jerry Brown says it’s time to start paying down California’s debt, which he calls a drag on the state and its economy.

Including accounting gimmicks, temporary loans and delayed payments, the state’s debt from past “budgetary borrowing” is $34.7 billion.

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California also must repay $81 billion in bonds already sold for public works projects, while an additional $48.2 billion in bonds have been authorized but not yet sold.

Not even included in the governor’s debt total is an estimated $181 billion worth of unfunded pension obligations and retiree health costs owed for decades into the future.

In releasing his revised budget plan earlier this week, Brown said he does not want to continue “the gimmicks of the past.” Instead, he wants to eliminate $29 billion of debt by 2015.

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  1. patq says:

    cut out the legislatures per diem and cell phones and co cars. and take away health care in the prison system.

  2. BobP says:

    Yeah… that should save nearly half a trillion dollars. Clearly our schools have failed here!

  3. Mike Carpino says:

    was poor education a factor when Moonbeam Brown was in school. Avoiding the obvious seems to be his problem.

  4. Lance Neufeld says:

    Hey CBS, how about you stop playing the propaganda game and just admit that Moonbeam wants to raise taxes? You know that is what he said, but just refuse to print it because you are sworn to protect the Democrats. We’re on to your liberal plan and will not tolerate it any longer. jerry brown was a mistake the first two times he was elected. he is an even bigger mistake now.

  5. Judy says:

    To chip away at the wall of debt,Blame old Arnie for all that borrowing he did, NOW cut OFF all ILLEGALS receiving any kind of money ,healthcare,or food stamps,WHY?? does the TAXPAYER get the bill for someone that should NOT be in this country in the first place!! Next cut down the pay to all those who fail top pass a decent budget!California didnt get this way on its own It had help from those down at the State Capitold who didnt get off their butts in the first place!!!

    1. Fred says:

      Arnie has finger prints on this mess, but so does Gray Davis and a whole bunch from both parties in the leg. Time to get adult and run our state like we run our households

      1. LarryR says:

        Exactly, But when you run your household and your pay check is not enough what do you do???? I will bet you do not go and steal it from the general population so you have more to spend on your pet pleasures. STOP SPENDING MONEY AND YES IT IS GOING TO HURT, Just like it hurt ever other person who has lost a job or had a reduction in there household income. But they learned how to adjust when they could go out and what they could do with what they had coming in.

  6. Codee14 says:


    Keep going you will find more money hidden within the Union contracts. We are not going to vote for a tax’s hike. Stop wasting the tax’s payers money begging for another 5 years. We all know in 5 years you will be asking for another 5 years.

    How about this. I will vote for a 1 year tax extention under the following terms.
    1) No pay increases for any State employee (This means no $100,000 salary increase for 6 State employees like earlier this year)
    2) No spending of any sort for 1 year (So live within your means)
    3) No new State departments are created (Like the unemployment board)
    4) Anyone on State assistance must do the following (Drug test monthly, do communite service equal to 40 hours a week and can not use any funds for Cigarettes, alcohol or gambling) Failure to agree to all terms automatically disqualifies them for any State assistance forever.

    Now do we have a deal? I will say No because it’s easier to live outside your means when someone else is footing the bill.

    1. slh says:

      I like it!

    2. Robbie says:

      I Agree with Codee14. I would add also 5) STOP all assistance to illegals and their children NOT born in the US. Those born in the US be placed in a state certified chidcare faciliy until the parents get legal. If parents don’t get legal, put them up for adoption. Really fix welfare. 6) Cut all legislatures pay by 50%. 7) Disband about 300 goverment boards which are useless, like CARB. Then again what i say is moot because the polititians never listen and I am getting the hell out of this messed up *&$%^& state! (Side note to CBS13– it reads “OR” where you put in your name “OR” Email yet when i post you require :BOTH:. Get you web designer to fix it please.)

    3. Lisa M. says:

      If State workers are going to give up thier salary increases, are you as well?

      1. Fred says:

        Ah, yes, the attitude of entitlement that is so pervasive in the ranks of public employees. Welcome to my world Lisa!

      2. LarryR says:

        Already been done over a year ago and again this year not only frozen but reduce by 10%. But, Insurance did not go down that went up 18%. So stop your whinning and if you think your teacher job is so damn tough QUIT, instead of sucking the tax payers out of there hard earned money.

  7. Slee Lis says:

    No. Cut more K-12 education funds. Statistics show that CA is one of the lowest states in terms of test scores despite the 40% of the budget funding education. I’m not saying cut the funding, but bring it down to 30% or 25%.

  8. c weave says:

    Maybe you should look into th eccpoa union. If the puplic knew just what they really get they would fall down in shock. Brown has given them back their power. They bought him the governship. What a corrupt union. It costs the California tax payer a fortune each year. So not worth it. the cop on the street is worth more then any of the cops in the prisons. and they don’t get anything like the prison gards get.

  9. LarryR says:

    Why not require teachers to be on the Job like any other job in the world which is 2080 hours a year, that is they work 8 to 5, 52 weeks a year. if you took what they make a year for 8 months of teaching in the class room hell they make more then the Governor.

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