CLEMENTS, Calif. (CBS13) — For a local school, the final bell before summer vacation will simply be the final bell, period.

Budget cuts are forcing the Lodi Unified School District to close Clements School, a 130-year-old campus, in two days.

The plan will save the district about $100,000 a year, officials said. The estimated 70 students will move to nearby Lockeford.

Teacher Linda Baker called the campus a “gem” and said the school grounds has a beautiful history that ties the close-knit community together.

“I think it’s the family atmosphere and the fact the teachers know the students,” Baker said. “I know who’s related to who and where they live.”

Several interested parties are looking into buying the school building for another use.

Teachers said they hope the historic building isn’t abandoned.

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  1. ronray says:

    The estimated 70 Anchor Children will move to nearby Lockeford.

  2. Tom says:

    28.1 billion dollars to give free services to illegals this HMMMM JUST THINK HOW MANEY SCHOOLS COULD STAY OPEN WITH THIS FREE TAX MONEY for them send them all home it’s time goverment to take care of AMERICANS !!! and 2 cut off the money going overseas I don’t want to here it liberals let them go broke they need to learn to depend on them selves

  3. judy says:

    What a waste! Most illegals dont attend school after the 8th grade,so its really a waste of TAXPAYERS money to even enroll them in the first place. The schools now are joining the list like the hospitals for closures.

    1. Tom says:

      A civil war is comming to this country are own American kids can’t have a school to go to but if there is a opening illegles get that chair first .America has come down to do not take care of Americans take care of the rest of the world because it puts money in the hands of are politicians i have been waiting for the fools to wake up and get fed up with being taken advantage off

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