CHICO, Calif. (CBS13) — A series of twisters largely avoided populated areas near Chico on Wednesday afternoon, but a number of farmers are dealing with a serious economic blow from the unexpected weather phenomenon.

The National Weather Service estimates at least five tornadoes touched down across Butte County and Glenn County, with reports of sighting flowing in from residents and law enforcement officers near Hamilton City, Durham, Ord Bend and Paradise between 5:00 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.

The severe storm cell passed just a few miles south of Chico and the debris paths mostly tracked through agricultural land, dumping hail nearly an inch thick in places and destroying crops with high winds.

Gary and Sherry Nordstrom said they took cover in their home when the wind picked up and began tossing trees around “like popsicle sticks,” turning toward their structure and causing some damage to buildings on their property.

“Then I saw a piece of sheet metal fly by,” Sherry said.

Another twister touched down on Sean Martinez’s almond farm, uprooting nearly 25,000 almond trees, about 25 percent of his crop.

“It’s going to be a lot, a lot of work to clean up,” Martinez said. “It’s shocking. It hasn’t set in yet.”

Martinez said the dollar amount of the loss will likely reach millions of dollars. It will take at least five or six years for any newly planted trees to turn profitable.

Despite some of the dramatic video and pictures residents snapped during the event, there have been no reports of serious injuries from the tornadoes.

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Comments (29)
  1. Chicken Little says:

    This NOTHING compared to what is happening back east….a warning hahahaha!!!

    1. Mary C says:

      This is true, but it’s still as dangerous.

    2. kanakasue says:

      Such compassion. Do you sit and celebrate others’ misfortunes often?

    3. your mama says:

      nothing huh????? how rude!!!!! at least we know whos going to Hell!!!!! HAHAHA

  2. Lance Neufeld says:

    Great advice, seek shelter in basement, because we have soooooo many basements in California!

    1. turtle says:

      lmfao, too funny

  3. Raynee Sewall says:

    Told the kids to run to the bathtub!

    1. jackie says:

      Tell them to take a couple of sofa seat cushions with them to the tub to cover their heads and as much as possible.

      1. Oklahoma Native says:

        A bathtub is only good if it is cast iron. Fiberglass is no good. A mattress is good cover over a cast iron tub. Also, windows should be cracked to equalize pressure, but otherwise stay away from them. An interior hallway crouched on the floor with your hands clasped over your neck is recommended if you don’t have a basement or a cast iron tub in a windowless bathroom. Adults should crouch over their babies and very young children.

  4. Oklahoma Native says:

    Forgot to add that a closet can be another option. Preferably, a closet that is in the interior of the house.

  5. Jean Farris Adams says:

    Duck and Cover?

  6. dave says:

    This is all obamas fault!

  7. Harold Camping says:

    See I told you so!! The end is near!! Accept Jesus and give me all your money and worldly pocessions in his name, a-men.

    1. sal says:

      totally unnecessary and inappropriate

    2. grim reaper says:

      all obaaaamaaa’s faults!

  8. Tom says:

    LMAO REMEMBER GLOBAL WARMING this is all natures cycle and it’s going to get worse mommas comming

    1. grim reaper says:

      It’s not man’s problem, it’s just the natural cycle of earth’s system, goes back into ice age and back again. DUH!

  9. Mike Hunt says:

    Tree down, fence down, F0.1 tornado? Folks in Joplin are going, “are you freaking kidding”?

  10. Christyliz says:

    Most of you guys are so inappropriate! This poor man just lost a huge part of his current and future income. He doesn’t life in Joplin or Oklahoma – stop comparing his situation to theirs. Yes, the Midwest situation is worse than NorCal’s, but from his eyes, he’s suffered a huge loss. I’m sure he was and is sympathetic to the Midwesterners’ situation. Now he has to figure out his next move and how recover his lost income, insurance notwithstanding. If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say it!

  11. Christyliz says:

    Sorry, “He doesn’t live in Joplin…” not “life in Joplin”

  12. grim reaper says:

    Re-use the same tree, dig a hole and soil and beam-ties to hold it up til root grows out, dont forget to deep water the roots for stronger trees against winds, etc… No need to plants seeds, take for ever!

  13. luanne says:

    You know, 99% of you should not leave messages. This almond farmer lost a quarter of his crop, that’s a big deal for him. I tihnk we all agree that what is going on in the midwest is devastatin and heartbreaking, they have lost homes, property, family members, and friends. We have been so fortunate, our loss in California was mostly property damage, but still it is a loss. For those of you who think this is funny, or feel the need to poke fun at Harold Camping (who I firmly believe is an idiot), this is not the forum. May God bless the almond farmer and his family, and the other Nor-Cal families who have been hurt in some way by yesterday’s weather.

    1. grim reaper says:

      be an idiot to plant seeds, just re-plant the downed trees to shave off years!

  14. grim reaper says:

    F1 is light, f5 deadly, F99 – US all dead!

  15. Barbara says:

    I have talked with orchard growers, and for some reason it just doesn’t work toi try to replant the trees.

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