MERCED, Calif. (AP) — A Central California chemistry teacher accused of making and storing explosive material in her classroom is due back in court next week after her arraignment was pushed back.

Merced County prosecutors say Japhia Huhndorf remains in custody after being charged Friday with possession of explosives and five counts of child endangerment.

Huhndorf was arrested Wednesday after police say she led them to a small amount of nitroglycerine — 4 milliliters — in her classroom. The chemical is an active ingredient for making explosives.

Prosecutors say Huhndorf produced the highly unstable chemical in the presence of one of her students. It’s not clear why she allegedly manufactured the chemical.

Huhndorf is also accused of helping three male students ingest chloroform.

Her arraignment is now scheduled for June 1. Attempts to reach her attorney for comment were unsuccessful.

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