WOODLAND, Calif. (AP) — A Northern California high school student is in trouble after police say he brought a handgun to school.

Police arrested a Woodland High School student around 12:45 p.m. Friday after getting a call from school administrators about a student on campus with a gun.

When Woodland police officers arrived they found the student in class with a handgun in his backpack.

Police say the gun was not loaded.

The student, who has not been named because of his age, was booked into Juvenile Hall for possession of a firearm on school grounds.

Investigators say it appears the boy did not have a malicious reason for bringing the gun to school.

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  1. Our World Sucks Right Now..... says:

    Why am I not Surprised?????????????????

    1. Alberto says:

      haa, or black….

  2. Starbarker says:

    OK I’m going with the odds…DUMB KID. They come in all ethnicities.

    1. dave says:

      But more latinos than any other. Fact!

  3. jeff says:

    was he black?

  4. GrandWizard says:

    majority of white kids don’t bring guns to school…..atleast not in this area
    of the country,It problaby was more then likely a minority.

    1. Dale Threlkel says:

      LMAO Good one.

  5. theresa says:

    why shoulden they ? when the law allows terrorost gangs to school with our kids to be bullyed everyday by your tolerance of the gang banging drive bys bullys, and 5 to one beatings….they dont feel like waitting for you to listen or waitting for you to protect them…your town is corrupt .

  6. Hereticmonk says:

    Keep treating your public schools like prisons with lock downs, metal detectors, and armed police security on campus, and soon enough the kids inside will start acting like inmates. If a kid brings a gun to school he should lose all rights to ever attend a public school again.

  7. theresa says:

    wonder what his reason was to bring one ? oh i forgot yolo dont find the facts they just write whatever they want and have a judge sign it . then they call it fact when its lies to profit.

    1. Josh says:

      What would be suffiecient reasoning for bringing a gun to school in your eyes?

  8. dave says:

    This is all Obamas fault

  9. chris says:

    dumb white kid

    1. dave says:

      This is the norm for latinos

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