SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Mayor Kevin Johnson is now addressing the funding concerns for building a new arena in Sacramento.

The Sacramento Mayor said he’ll unveil a plan for paying for the construction of the new venue within the next 100 days.

“We don’t wanna wait till March 1 of 2012. We want to be really clear between now, the next 100 days and a few months after that of what it would take to put this to the rest of Sacramento to be the permanent resting place for the Sacramento Kings,” said Johnson.

Johnson also announced a new 60 member regional committee he’s calling “Here We Build.”  It’s made up of local mayors, legislators, businesses and community leaders.

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  1. redneckwriter says:

    How about putting some regular people on the committee instead of political donors and cronies? I for one would like to see joe sixpack sitting up there instead of the mayors, at least he/she would know how the regular folks live and feel.

  2. Kings Fan says:

    As long as Joe Six Pack can help raise the millions of dollars needed to fund the arena then he is welcome to a seat. This is a regional funding committee designed to figure out how to raise the money to build a new arena, not a paid government job. Mayor Johnson is doing a great job and deserves our support to keep the kings here.

    1. Just Wondering says:

      Isn’t Joe Six Pack the one who will ultimately pay the taxes and ticket prices to pay for the arena?

      1. Just Wondering says:

        I bleive Just Wondering makes a valid point.

  3. John says:

    The bottom line is, is the new staduim going to create revenue and high paying jobs for the area or is it going to fill the pockets of the wealthy owners and politicians?

  4. Fed up says:

    Sacramento is a town full of gang bangers , just about every day someone gets murdered and all they are worried about is a new stadium??? This town is nothing more than another Detroit with unimployment sky high ,try working on that. Funny in hard times they can always find money for stadiums but nothing for the people.

    1. RFMAN says:

      Welcome to America, even Galt has wannabe gang bangers. Im not even going to try to explain all the positives this new arena will bring to Sacramento. you will still chose to see the cup half empty.

  5. JIm says:

    We should be working on funding public safety and not a new arena for the Kings.
    Let the Kings and the sports fans pay for this not the tax payers.
    The mayor is to worried about basketball. Next time you need a cop or fireman call a basketball player. Lets take can of important city and county problems first.

  6. Peanut says:

    I know where we can start and it will pay 1/4 of it automatically. How about that 70 some million we Loaned the Maloofs to build an arena……..

  7. Mike says:

    I’ve noticed that Mayor Johnson is trying to frame this debate as a jobs creator for Sacramento. What he fails to note is that a majority of the jobs created when the arena is completed are low paying and part time. The only ones to benefit are the Maloofs and Kings fans. The Kings need to move to Anaheim already. I and many other taxpayers couldn’t care less about building a new arena for millionaire owners of a basketball team.
    Sacramento is a government and cowtown. It’s all we will ever be. If you don’t like it then move!

    1. Native Sacramentan says:


      This is what is wrong with Sacramento – that attitude! The SEC would only be used 21% of the time for the NBA ( 41 home games a year )- the rest of the time is for NCAA, Concerts,etc.Unlike the Arco, the Maloofs would only be tenants – not owners as they are now.
      Not only does this create jobs through construction, but also will create REVENUE for the CIty and on going employment for the region.

      Even if you are not a fan of the NBA, this needs to be done – quit looking at the short term and quit acting like this is all about the Maloofs – its not! They already set the precedence for being tenants and thats a good thing – the City will own and operate a new SEC and will benefit greatly from the revenues generated.
      Saying Sacto is a ” government and cowtown” is part of the problem – mostly small minded people like yourself that continue to blather on about the Maloofs and the NBA but don’t really know the facts.
      If you don’t want Sacto to try to be a least a bit progressive, then YOU should move!!

      1. RFMAN says:

        Ya native sac. im tired of wasting time with non progressive way thinkers. Sometimes it makes you want to line them up and pull a three stooges on them.

    2. RFMAN says:

      Spoken like a true Sacramentan with no vision. i pay my taxes to and like many Sacramentans with vision, that want to make this city better for our children want a new arena. This city is going to build this new arena and starts to attract Venues that otherwise would not be here, along with that comes the tax money going into our gereral fund from all the money that people are spending here. People like you should move, or perhaps just stay in your same matrixs, everyday stay in your same routine and never do anything and go anywhere.

  8. Don says:

    Some people just don’t have a clue… The Kings only use the Arena 44 days a year. What about the other 321 days. Thats where the city and community will make tons of money on taxes and the money spent at the surrounding business. Get a clue Sacramento this is just not about the Kings. There are jus a very small portion.
    The people who state we need more Police and Firemen, the added revenue that this Arena will gererate could get you just what you ask for..

  9. Nick says:

    Very well said Mike.

  10. Mike, you suck. says:

    Mike, you’re a tool. Do you not think there are hundreds of people out there that would gladly take a job of any kind? Even one that doesn’t exist now? FYI, idiot, the ‘arena’ isn’t just for the Kings. It’s to be a venue for all kinds of events that won’t put a nickle in the Maloof’s pockets. What it will do is attract tourists, possibly get locals to spend money they do have, though otherwise wouldn’t, and generate dollars for the community. That’s the big picture… one you probably can’t see from your little Rio Linda Apartment.

    My God I’m so sick and tired of people like you spewing on blogs without ANY factual information! Don’t worry, it won’t cost you a dime… nor do any of us with triple digit IQs want you setting foot inside once it’s done. Just stay home with your hands in your pants and head in the sand.

    Educate yourself before ‘contributing’, would you please?

  11. Peter says:

    Are you kidding me?! Keeping the Kings and getting a new arena in an otherwise unusable area of sac? What a deal! Not only will it show the nation that sacramento is a major city capable and willing to keep a major sports team, it shows the determination and vision that has always made Sacramento great, from the Gold rush 160 years ago, still exists and is just as powerful. And this isnt just for Sac. This is for the whole valley: from fresno to chico. I live in Turlock, work in Modesto and travel to sac 3-4 times a month. This region of the world is great. Full of opportunity and vision and great people. Have some pride. Have you seen the plans? They are beautiful! This will be nothing but a + for at least 25 years to come. I know all the cities and towns surrounding sac want this thing. Stop being so selfish. This isnt a choice between cops and a stadium. The $ is there for both

  12. I like the idea of a new arena and all but says:

    How about they work on selling out Arco, before they try to spend Millions of our dollars to add a minimal amount of additional seats to try to fill.

  13. casandra says:

    A lot of positive remarks today.

  14. Frank Madden says:

    There were two reports, back to back this weekend concerning the city of Sacramento. The first was a council meeting where they were discussing how much of our Public Safety services to cut due to a $40 million shortfall in the budget. The next was how we could come up with $100 million to pay for our part of a new Kings Arena, an arena with NO PARKING I might add. The Mayor is saying there are 8,000 street parking spaces available in the area so that wouldn’t be a problem. That’s because himself, and any other VIP’s will be dropped off at the front door from a limo. Can anyone imagine what a conjested nightmare it would be parking? At least 8,000 to 10,000 vehicles fighting for parking spaces, during rush hour no less. They are also assuming the spaces will all be empty. Then of course you’ll more than likely have to paralell park which will tie things up even worse. What’s wrong with ARCO Arena, it’s what, maybe 25yrs old? Oh yeah, I know, not enough luxury suites so the VIP’s can show off to each other while the public spends their own money so they can pay more to get in to a game, assuming they’re lucky enough to get a spot within 2 miles. I can’t imagine alot of people, with good reason, would want to walk 2+ miles in that neighborhood, especially at night. We live out of town and go to the ARCO(I know it’s something different now, but to me it’s still ARCO) Arena 5 or 6 times a year for basketball and other events and think it’s just beautiful. If anyone remembers, it was built out where it was for a reason-To AVOID congestion. The parking works very well too, and when the game is over it’s easy to exit. Why on earth can’t it just be remodeled? The Stockton Civic Auditorium is still beautiful and functional and it was built in the 1920’s. If the construction is so poor at Arco, shouldn’t we look at suing the contractors and engineers or at least get our money back? I know one thing, there’s no way we’re going to go in to town and fight that battle to attend any function at this new proposed place.

  15. The Blogger says:

    Mayor Johnson needs to focus on more than a new arena. Wouldn’t you agree? In all honesty, what is his cut?

    There are several problems in the City of Sacramento.

    What about jobs? Yes, the Arena would create jobs, but there jobs at the current Arena? Right?

    What about Crime? It’s not safe to go out at night.

    What about the Homeless?

    Then there is the K street mall that has a unique smell to it. Hello?

    What about job training?

    What about poverty?

    What about the cuts to Police & Fire?

    What about the budget?

  16. Dave Matthews says:

    After reading what everyone has to say I see two things. One Sacramento needs money to add Police and Firemen. The taxes and revenue generated from a new SEC would help. Sacramento will not be receiving revenue only from the arena but from all the current businesses located within walking distance of the arena. Also from any new business that may open. Second, the SEC is not just for the Kings. As many of you stated they are there between 41 and 57 games depending on preseason games and if they make the playoffs. What about the rest of the time? Many music stars won’t perform in Power Balance Pavilion. Don’t you think they may be enticed to play in a NEW arena with better facilities? So, YES, we need to support Mayor Johnson and the team put together to get the arena built and stop being so one sided and selfish. Get your head out of the sand as one person said and look around. You Sacramento are the answer to all the problems that plague our wonderful city. Instead of complaining about the problems we have and come up with an answer. A new Sports and Entertainment Center is not the problem it is one solution to our problem. Will it solve all of them, NO but it is a step in the right direction. If we don’t try the we have already failed.

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