ROSEVILLE, Calif. (CBS13) – An elementary school has drawn criticism for asking intimate questions about how its students were delivered during birth on its application form.

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The enrollment application for the Dry Creek School District asks a number of detailed medical questions about prospective students, but the question that asks whether the child was birthed by “vaginal delivery” or “C-Section” caught parents’ attention.

For the C-Section option, the application asks for the parent to explain why the procedure was performed.

“I really don’t feel think the school asking if the child was delivered vaginally or by C-Section is appropriate,” said Heather, a mother of two.

Heather said the questions on the application surprised her, and she can’t see a reason that the school would need that information. She said she’s been trying to get an answer for two weeks about the matter, but no school officials have responded to her requests.

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“What’s next? This is an invasion of our privacy,” she said.

A number of scientific studies in medical journals have concluded that the method of birth delivery cannot be linked to intelligence.

Heather said she spoke with other parents about the application and learned school officials don’t seem to follow up on the question.

“We had someone that we know write ‘purple,’” she said. “Nobody contacted them about it, because these questions aren’t actually relevant to enrolling the child.”

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CBS13’s requests for comment from the district superintendent were not answered Friday.