ECHO SUMMIT (CBS13) – Just as the pioneers did, dozens of people participating in a wagon train re-enactment over the Sierra have run into some trouble on the trail.

About 75 people participating in the 62nd Annual Wagon Train are stuck along Highway 50 near Echo Summit because of ice on the roadway. The steel wrapped wagon wheels make it unsafe for the wagons to go down the hill on the icy roads.

The 75 “pioneers” are going to have to spend the night with no heat and little shelter.

The wagon train re-enactment is an annual event sponsored by the Highway 50 Association. This year’s wagon train re-enactment began on June 4 in Zephyr Cove, Nevada and was scheduled to end on June 12 in Placerville.

Only authentic replica wagons or buggies are allowed and participants must wear period attire for the entire ride.

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  1. JKT says:

    Let’s hope we dont have a reinactment of the Donner party!!!!!!!

  2. devon says:

    Wow. They weren’t kidding about the “authentic” part.

  3. Lexie Leonard says:

    Highway 50 Wagon train was so much fun to be apart of. Although waking up to 2-3 inches of snow at 3 am in the morning in camp the day we got stuck was crazy. Working with everyone in the lead hitch team was the best part of my week. Everyone did an awesome job and we all stayed safe! Happy Trails everyone!!!

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