Today, is Dave psycho? Also, Tracy Morgan in Nashville, and a woman who really loves the Berlin wall.

The guys debate over whether or not Dave is psycho.

Hannibal movies, Ed Norton, Cee Lo, and a clip of Dave freaking out from his old show.

Tracy Morgan apologizes for his gay jokes in Nashville, and the guys discuss offensive comedy.

Mel Gibson’s in the news, which leads Don to pull out his old Mel drops, and then Don plays his CD of rude sound effects.

Sam Shane from CBS 13 stops by, and a woman who really loves the Berlin wall on the TV show “Taboo.”

Don reviews movies he hasn’t seen.

Caller 100, happy ending.

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  1. Charles MacKay says:

    It will be great when we get the whole show on Podcast again – having to come here to get the last hour is getting old.

    It’s funny that some guy with a nicname of “Ledbelly” could post every D&M show on the usenet complete and on time with 1997 technology – one would think that a big network could get it done in 2011.


  2. Kaylee says:

    Gosh, I wish I would have had that information eralier!

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