CITRUS HEIGHTS, Calif. (CBS13) — A major accident that caused life-threatening injuries has shut down northbound Sunrise Boulevard at the beginning of rush hour.

Authorities said at silver Toyota veered from the southbound lanes into northbound traffic near the intersection of Wildridge Drive at around 3:40 p.m. Tuesday for unknown reason, striking a motorcycle and becoming wedged between two trees.

The driver of the Toyota and the motorcyclist were both taken to the hospital in critical condition. The identities of the victims have not been realesed.

There is no estimate on when the northbound lanes of Sunrise will reopen.

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  1. B-Safe says:

    love bikes, i don’t ride anymore.
    no matter the reason or who’s at fault – the motorcycle rider is the one who pays.
    two categories of riders;
    – the ones that have been in an accident
    – the ones that will be in an accident
    b-safe, b-aware, don’t b a stat.

  2. Sonya Pina says:

    The accident happened at about 3:10 p.m. I was driving about four cars from the accident. Going north bound on Sunrise Blvd.

  3. cody says:

    Note to Idiots riding motorcycles: you are not larger than cars. some riders are reckless thrill-seekers; please take into consideration the rest of us carrying children and loved ones who cannot afford the luxury of dyi ng while traveling and not anyone else feel the impact of our loss.

    1. jo says:

      can you read? it says the car was at fault!

    2. Dan says:

      Note to idiot who cant read article – the car hit Vince head on. He was in the correct lane. The other driver (the one in the car) swerved into oncoming traffic and hit Vince.

      Here let me help you out – “Authorities said at silver Toyota veered from the southbound lanes into northbound traffic near the intersection of Wildridge Drive at around 3:40 p.m. Tuesday for unknown reason, striking a motorcycle and becoming wedged between two trees.”

      By the way, the driver of the car was also driving without a license. You might want to troll for another article to post your message because this one just made you look like a fool.

    3. Dominic Graziano says:

      Note to Cody: I happen to know the man who was struck by this vehicle while he was driving safely and obeying the law. This man has never done anything reckless in his life unless he was asked to do so for his country (that’s right, he’s a war veteran, feel good about yourself?). He’s clinging to life and you’re taking the opportunity to make this about your own selfish B.S. I hope you learn to read articles and be a little smarter about your commenting in the future.

      1. cody says:

        He drove around drunk all of the time. Karma’s a b!tch!

    4. Doug Davis says:

      By the way your an fing idiot… car bounced off the OPPOSITE lane of travel, and went head on with the motorcycle.. know the facts before you blast a guy in critical condition from getting hit by someone that quite possibly was under the influence. Don’t assume.

    5. Tammy says:

      Yes, I will have to agree to the others who have replied to the idiot above! Only people like you would assume without reading a complete article on a motorcycle accident. Do us all a favor and stay off the road, it’s people like you who cause problems and don’t watch for motorcycles on the road. Not all motorcycle riders are wreckless (by the way that’s spelled correctly). thrill-seekers. Everyone that I have known who’ve died while riding was hit by an idiot driving a car who wasn’t paying attention. GET A FRICKEN CLUE!! MORON

    6. Jared says:

      Cody: Can your car/truck/suv handle my work truck (loaded dump trucks weigh a little bit and there are others trucks on the road)? I’m betting that any kind of vehicle would be destroyed if I hit them head on.

      Car AKA larger vehicle was at fault, so motorcyclist was not at fault. True some riders are thrill seekers but as the picture shows that motorcycle is not a crotch rocket. (Sorry to all you riders out there). Which would cut down those odds, again it said car crossed the median into oncoming traffic.

      You know nothing about the ones that care about the cyclist so don’t speak like he must not be cared about because of his choice of transportation.

    7. MAC says:

      Cody, your lucky you can hide behind the computer. your very disrespectful. Vince is a very close friend of mine and an excellent soldier.

  4. lovevelovity says:

    Note to illiterate idiot in a car driving children: Through no fault of his own a wonderful man almost lost his life in a horrific accident. The rest of us in the world can only hope that you have taught those children, which you are trying so desperately to protect by berating kind hearted servicemen as they cling to life, to read and think before they comment or add their opinion to any conversation. I hope that your children turn out to be better people than the example you set for them on this comment board.

  5. Andrea Davis says:

    cody-Take your foot out of your mouth (or else where) & just pray that the man, a war veteran, who is fighting for his life right now in the ICU. He was in the right and Bam moron driving who shouldn’t have even been on the road hits him. …. yeah I think you need to read an article before you post a ridiculously stupid comment..

  6. Deb Stewart says:

    I saw this scene moments after it happened, have been wondering about the condition of this SOLDIER ever since. It was the most heart-wrenching thing I have ever seen; a motor cop holding his head off te hot asphalt, the VICTIM’s legs in an unimagnable tangle and his body seemingly lifeless… DRESSED IN FULL FATIGUES and combat boots…. Is this HERO still alive? Please tell me he survived and is not permanently injured. Isuspect the driver was texting or something… how else do you lose control enough to drive over the center median into oncoming taffic? Can we get an update on his condition? I’m so scared for him and his family….

    1. iamkaioken says:

      Hi Deb, thank you for your concern. He is alive and stable. His family and friends are thinking positive thoughts, we know he’ll pull through. I am unaware of any spinal damage, he even wiggled his fingers during a moment of consciousness. He has a long road ahead of him, but he’s received phenomenal care and there is an optimistic vibe from what I’ve heard. Thank again for your concern and kindness, I feel much safer knowing there are people who care about the others with whom they share the road.

  7. Andrea Davis says:

    Deb that was a very nice comment and yes hes still with us fighting the fight of his life, please keep keep praying for our friend and sending out positive thoughts that’s all we can do at this point 🙁 I pray constantly for Vince and will continue until hes conscious.

  8. lira1574 says:

    I to was a part of this very horrific accident, I was uninjured.
    I want to know how Vince is doing. I have everyone I know praying for him.

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