Democrats Fire at Each Other

By Mike Luery

There’s plenty of drama with Democrats at the Capitol – they are flustered over Governor Brown’s budget veto and firing back in cyberspace.

@tedlieu Ted Lieu
“No excuse for a Democratic Governor to blindside a Democratic legislature that was working with him and his staff.

That tweet came from Senator Ted Lieu – a Democrat – who told me in a phone interview today from his home in Torrance, “I feel incredibly misled based on the Governor’s action. It didn’t have to come to the confrontations that happened.”

Lieu added, “It wasn’t just me. I believe it was the entire Democratic legislature because we had been working with his administration and with him about what we were doing every step of the way. They knew exactly what was in the budget and at no time did they say don’t send it to the governor.”

Lieu also belittled Brown in this Twitter reference:

@tedlieu Ted Lieu
“Gov Schwarzenneger had courtesy of letting legislature know in advance he would veto budget so we don’t waste our time.”

‘It looks like the Governor really angered some members of his own party,” noted Julie Soderlund, a Republican consultant who worked previously with Governor Schwarzenegger.

Soderlund told CBS 13 the war over words between Democrats could backfire with voters.
“I think the public looks at this kind of thing and says where are the adults? Can we have some adults at the Capitol please?” Soderlund commented.

But the Democrats are clearly flustered with Governor Brown. Senate President Darrell Steinberg told reporters on Thursday, “The governor’s constant references to his January proposal rings hollow if he’s unable to deliver Republican votes.”

Today Steinberg announced he’s cancelling confirmation hearings for all of the governor’s appointees until further notice.

But to political consultant Julie Soderlund, it just reinforces the notion that the Capitol is dysfunctional.

“I think voters are sick and tired of this type of thing. They want people to come together and find a solution,” Soderlund said.

Governor Brown was in Southern California today where he offered this reaction to the political infighting: “It’s a small price to pay for doing the right thing.”

So now the pressure is on for Governor Brown to rescue the budget – and save his own party from internal warfare.

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