CARMICHAEL (CBS13) — Police say a man went on a rampage, started fires inside of his home and even tried to burn his own mother alive.

Investigators say the makeshift flame thrower the man is accused of using could’ve easily been used as a murder weapon.

We spoke with the man who’s being called a hero. He doused the flames of a suspect who may have killed his mother if he hadn’t stepped in.

“The tip of the flame was maybe three feet from her,” said Blu Robles.

Blu says his stepson, 47-year-old Shane Sotelo, tried to set his own mom on fire.

“I heard it. I was standing right there and it just went woo,” said Blu.

Blu was in front of their Carmichael home this weekend watering. He says Sotelo got into a heated argument with his mom and another family friend, grabbed a tank, a lighter and aerosol can and turned the propane tank into a flamethrower.

“He was saying, ‘I’m going to light you up on fire.’ That’s all he was saying,” said Blu.

Wearing only a bath robe, his nearly 70-year-old mother she was trying to dodge the flames, begging her son to back off.

“And she was telling him, ‘Turn it off, turn it off, what are you doing?’ And he said, ‘I told you I was going to set you on fire,” said Blu.

Blu says the family friend ran from the house screaming, “He’s trying to set us on fire.”

Blu says he ran inside in the house into the living room, sprayed the suspect and the flames.”

The only thing actually burning was a comforter on a nearby couch. Not much of it was left.

“She was scared. She was scared because she had already seen he caught something on fire and she was next,” said Blu.

Sotelo was tackled and the propane tank was taken from him.

His mom is okay.

“He’s disrespectful. He’s disrespectful. She’s nice to him, pays his bills and helps him out all the time.

Sotelo has a long wrap sheet that includes drugs and weapons charges. He’s being held on $230,000 bail. He’s being charged with assault with a deadly weapon.

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  1. Unknown Also says:

    You really are stuck on “Stupid” aren’t you???? I can’t help but laugh at “The Hero”! Everything “Unknown” said about you and Leilani are true (100%). Shane is the “Victim”! I’ve know this family since I was a child and I know the history behind the abuse. Better hope you and your wife loaded up on Shane’s pills before he goes down for this one…because you won’t collect his Social Security like you did before when he went to prison the last time!!! Oh…but wait, you were his cell mate at that time. Failed to tell the reporter’s about that one, right “Hero”???

    1. jimmy says:

      Okay Borovac!

  2. Family Frienx says:

    Long ago. If you really care about ShNewrite him a letter show up in. Ourt do somthing besides pointing fEntire kife sometimes 2 and 3 jobs and is I have no clue who you are but its clear you don’t have aa clue. Im sure Leilani would have a problem with the statement 2 men paid for her home. Leilani has worked her eentire life and is still working today and I can assure any and all of you if it wasn’t for Leilani the Glenridge home would have been long gone

    1. my fair lady says:

      Thats true but Blue is nothing but an ex felon ( Did time for murder and DB by they way) and should be locked up and the key should be thrower away. He is a leach he does nothing bit lay around all day and use Lenlaini for anything she has. Obey, car whoever. He can’t even buy his own cigarettes. LOSER.

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