SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A two-alarm fire was sparked Monday night on the second floor of an apartment building in Sacramento.

The fire burned at the building at 6400 66th Street. It may have spread to a second unit, according to a Sacramento Metro Fire Department spokesman. Smoke was seen pouring out of gables in the roof.

All of the residents were evacuated and no injuries were reported.

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  1. Testing says:

    caliparent writes: “Hello Again”

    Hello. 🙂


    “I did infact read, I admit, only one of the links that you had posted to my reply to you.”

    Fair enough. I posted them up because you seemed fairly open-minded. If you choose to read them or not is your prerogative at the end of the day. However, I admire your honesty (as most people would either say they read them all or didn’t read any of them if they had only read one).


    “It is apparent to me that you feel quite passionately about this topic, as do I.”

    I do feel passionately about it to a degree. The reason for this is because I raised indoctrinated in the church. I liked being the in church for the most part. I was involved in my church via volunteering and was later on the payroll working there.

    One of my best friends lost both of his parents in 5th grade and a younger priest for all intents and purposes adopted him. While he didn’t do it “officially” with legal docu-ments, he was his de facto dad. So we all hung out in the rectory a lot from 5th grade on up. This priest and the others there were all good men. I don’t have anything negative to say about them and I don’t know of anyone having been sexually abused nor even accusations of it. So in short, there is nothing negative about that aspect from my end.

    However, as I got older, I started questioning what was being force fed down my throat from the pulpit and from the Bible. It was VERY difficult to question this because the church operates almost like a kidnapper… and this is true with the Catholic Church and the Christian Church. While someone like Jaycee Dugard was held captive and had her kidnappers threaten to kill/hurt her family if she tried to escape, the Churches use the threat of hell and eternal damnation instead. It is a brilliant, yet twisted and demented way of keeping the flock under their proverbial thumb.

    Here is the reality: The chance you know how to interpret the Bible correctly is EVERY bit as good as mine or your pastor/minister or the Pope or the homeless man living in a dumpster, etc. Why? Because no one knows for sure. So why should the faithful choose to listen to other people (the church) when instead they have the gift to be able to think for themselves using reason and logic thanks to the great brain they were given?

    In fact, Jesus says NOT to go to church in the Bible and says instead to pray alone in secret. The man was also a carpenter and never built a single physical structure known as a church. If every Christian/Catholic in this country stopped going to church on Sunday and instead spent that exact same time helping the poor and the needy, imagine how much better this country would be.

    In any event, I am SO much happier having left organized religion behind me. For much of my life, I never thought that would be true. However, I can still be a good person with or without that label. I still do a lot of charity work and help out people whenever I can. I don’t need a label of “Christian” nor “Catholic” to do that.


  2. Testing says:

    “I will not play a battle of wits or quote you the Bible. As you had stated, you have been well versed in the Bible and have been very well educated.”

    This is refreshing because nothing is gained from quoting because anyone can make the Bible justify anything they want to. I talk about this in some detail in one of the links I provided earlier. I can justify beating children to slavery to killing gays to loving children to freeing slaves to loving gays all from the exact same book. A massive percentage of people use the Bible to justify their own wants and needs. They hide behind the Bible to justify their beliefs and in many cases discriminatory stances.


    “I amlimited to only my California public schooling.”

    You shouldn’t be ashamed of that. There is nothing wrong with that whatsoever. Schooling comes down to what you make of it, how much your parents help you out of the classroom, what individual teachers you were ended up with etc. Someone with the right combination of these things could learn more in public school than someone with the wrong combination in private school. 😉


    “I believe myself to be Christian, not Catholic. I believe there are several differences between the two. There is no need to go into that here or now.”

    I fully understand the difference. As I said earlier, my brother is an extremely devout born-again and I dated a girl for years whose family was Christian and attended those churches on countless occasions.

    Those particular links I gave you were listed as “USCatholic” because that was the website I was choosing to visit at that moment in time. They limited character count in their posts, so instead of doing 5 individual posts, I could write one big one and simply post the link instead. Thus, I named my placeholder site USCatholic. With that said, the vast majority of the content applies both to Christian and Catholic stances. I hope that explains it.


    “But I would like you to know, that just because I am a Christian, that does not make me ignorant or an imbecile or an underachiever.”

    I’m in no way saying that you are. In my opening post you, I complimented you on your writing style and said you appeared to be educated.

  3. Testing says:

    With that said, if we are looking at what the statistics state: Studies have been done in terms of religious beliefs and IQ. Atheists had the highest IQ’s, followed by agnostics, followed by people who have medium religious beliefs, followed by the most devout believers coming in dead last. Thus, the more you believe, the lower your IQ. Therefore, God created his believers as the least intelligent segment of society.

    Of course, those are only averages. Like any average, there will be exceptions to the rule. There are certainly many brilliant Christians and many ignorant atheists and agnostics.

    In fact, studies have shown this to be true not only on an individual basis, but also on a country basis. If pull my own stats using one study with IQ and one study with religion:

    The first study is a Pew/Gallup Poll done in 2009 where they asked people in 140+ countries whether or not religion was important in their daily lives. Then you can check out some national IQ estimates (such as IQ and the Wealth of Nations) and make your own comparisons.

    As a quick sampling, there were a total of 15 countries that had triple digit IQ’s (107 is the highest). Now I will compare those countries with ones that are also on the Pew/Gallup Poll. Those countries are listed below in order of IQ from highest to lowest with percentage of those who said that religion was important (16% was the lowest in terms of those who thought religion was important and 100% was the highest):

    Hong Kong = 23%
    South Korea = 42.5%
    Japan = 23.5%
    Taiwan = 45%
    Singapore = 70%
    Austria = 55%
    Germany = 40.5%
    Italy = 71.5%
    Freaky Deaky Dutch = 33%
    Sweden = 16.5%
    Switzerland = 41.5%
    Belgium = 33%
    China — Did not participate in poll
    New Zealand = 33%
    United Kingdom = 26.5%

    Now if we look at the counties with IQ’s of under 80 starting with the lowest first:

    Ethiopia = 91%
    Sierra Leone = 98%
    Dem Rep of the Congo = 98.5%
    Zimbabwe = 87.5%
    Guinea = 97%
    Ni-geria = 95.5%
    Ghana = 94.5%
    Tanzania = 96.5%
    Sudan = 94%
    South Africa = 84.5%
    Kenya = 94%
    Jamaica = 70%
    Uganda = 93%
    Congo (different from above) = 94.5%
    Zambia = 97%
    Qatar = 94.5%
    Nepal = 93%
    Barbados = Did not participate in poll
    Guatemala = 88%

  4. Testing says:

    “I have family and close friends who believe themselves to be homosexual.”

    #1) You say that they “believe” themselves to be homosexual. Either they are or they aren’t. It is pretty clearly genetic as the one link I provided shows. Homosexuals are born that way. Of course, someone can also CHOOSE to be homosexual, but that is much more rare. For instance, you or I could CHOOSE to sleep with someone else of the same gender.

    #2) You say that these people are close friends and family. Do you not see what a massive insult it is for you to say that you don’t want your children to be educated about them? If they are truly your friends, surely you’d have no problem having your own children learn about them.


    “I believe due to your upbringing you believe that all Christianity is the same and due to your past experiences with “Christians” they all must be “haters” for lack of a better term.”

    I most certainly do not believe that to be the case. However, it is the case with the majority.

    We also need to be very careful about playing semantics here. There is a fine line between being a “hater” and a “discriminator.” You own stance has levels of discrimination. If you can look at this honestly, perhaps you will be able to see it.

    I too used to be discriminatory against gays too. It took a big awakening on my part to push my hubris aside and realize my own shortcomings.


    “It is apparent to me that you and I must agree to disagree.”

    We don’t have to necessarily… life is a giant shade of gray, not always black and white.


    “I don’t feel that either one of us will convince the other of his/her views.”

    I’m not trying to change your views overnight. I’m trying to provide you with information in the hope that you will consider it and come up with your own independent thought with regard to which beliefs you may decide to hold. Information is power. Power is knowledge.


    “All I am here for is to hopefully show you, that there are those of us who understand what this world is coming to.”

    This is an interesting topic. As we get older, we tend to pine for “The Good Old Days.” We tend to have a mindset that things are getting worse and that they used to be better. It is a whole “glass half-empty” vs “glass half-full” perspective.

    However, I say it is getting BETTER. I don’t have to worry about my kids getting Polio. I get to use indoor plumbing. The Internet allows people to work from home to spend more time with their family. We are living longer. We are able to communicate so much better with loved ones around the planet. The ability for anyone to self educate themselves regardless of demographic now exists thanks to the Internet. I can watch every single NFL game on one weekend via Directv. I can now use GPS to get around instead of maps. We are beginning to move toward alternative clean energy sources. I can travel all around the world for far less money. Etc, etc, etc..

    We have the highest standard of living in the history of the planet. Silicon Valley is the Mesopotamia of the modern world as it has changed everything. Etc, etc, etc.


    “I believe you’re right, that homosexuals will be able to marry as they wish here, that this bill might indeed make it’s way into our schools. But I will do my best and try to postpone that for as long as possible.”

    But for what reason? Is it really better to hide reality and knowledge from our children? As we just discussed, knowledge is power. Knowledge leads to tolerance. Knowledge leads to peace. Tolerance and peace are staples preached in the Bible.

    Compare that to the alternative which is lack of knowledge which leads to fear, intolerance and aggression. Those concepts are the antithesis of the Bible.

    As Yoda says again, “Fear leads to Anger. Anger leads to Hate. Hate leads to Suffering.”


    “For my beliefs and morals tell me to. And I think, due to your upbringing you can appreciate why I feel I need to do so.”

    I can certainly understand because like I said, I too once walked in your exact same shoes with regard to this. At that time, I felt I was doing the right thing too and would have been criticizing someone like myself now, talking to me then.

    However, now that I’ve “seen the light,” I realize how naive I was then. I was full of fear and xenophobia that I then perceived as being “normal” because I was too blinded to see the truth.

    It is SO much better to treat your fellow man with equal rights, love and dignity than to discriminate against them. Jesus was a man of tolerance, acceptance and peace. He treated the lowest of the low with respect and dignity. Yet by discriminating, instead of treating gays with respect and dignity, Christians are instead unfairly treating them like the lowest of the low. After all, they are still God’s children.


    “I don’t believe you have had a proper demonstration of Christian love for all those who have posted here who agree with me have insulted or slandered you.”

    Thank you. However, I am used to it. This is an example of the hypocrisy of Christianity. These people preach how “Christian” they are, yet can’t even get the most basic tenets down.

    Being a “Christian” mean being a “follower of Christ.” Jesus didn’t discriminate. Jesus turned the other cheek.


    “Or have clearly no idea why he or she feel the way they do. That’s not what He teaches.”

    We agree 100% here.


    “And it’s arguments poorly wirtten or voiced like these that are losing souls like yours.”

    My soul was lost (so to speak) for a variety of reasons. Organized religion just teaches the parts they want you to hear and ignore the parts they don’t want you to hear. All one needs to do is look at the people you just so poignantly illustrated to see prime examples of this. I have no need nor desire to associate myself with people of that caliber. In his day, Jesus was a rebel… he fought back against the church….he was a leader, not a mindless follower.

    Moreover, if people are REALLY concerned about going to heaven and they REALLY believe in the lines in the Bible, then shouldn’t they be doing as Jesus instructs them to do? Isn’t that just common sense? When I left the Church, this was one of my reasons for doing so as I realized I was a hypocrite for calling myself something that I wasn’t. While I did good works, I never did as much as I “could” have as Jesus commanded. Instead of having a car, I could have rode the bus and donated the extra money to charity, but I didn’t want to do that. Jesus said the way to get into Heaven is to sell EVERYTHING you own and I had no desire to do that either. So instead of being a hypocrite, I dropped the label. If the time comes for me to face the Pearly Gates, I think God would appreciate my honesty rather than my living a lie simply for the sake of being greedy to attain something better in heaven. I still do my good works, just without the label.


    Wrapping things up, organized religion isn’t all that it is cracked up to be. The facts are that atheists/agnostics have far lower rates of teen pregnancy, have lower rates of divorce and have higher IQ levels than do their religious counterparts.

    As a parent, one would want their children to be intelligent, not have an unexpected child as a teen and to have a happy marriage. The stats indicate that religion is not conducive to those aspirations. This is not my opinion, but is a statement based on factual evidence.

    As I’ve written elsewhere (including part of the links I provided earlier):

    If you believe God is intelligent, then you’d realize that he could have never written the Bible because it is riddled with errors. In fact, IMHO, it is a slap in the face of God’s intelligence to even think he could have written something that I wouldn’t have even received a “C” in my English class on because it has so many errors in it. This isn’t to say that there isn’t a Supreme Being (as one cannot disprove a negative), just that it isn’t the one from the Bible.

    How many times have you attended a Mormon Temple? What about a Muslim Mosque? What about a Hindu Temple? What about a Jewish Synagogue? How can anyone possibly know for certain that you’ve found the “right” religion while not experiencing the others that millions upon millions of others find to be their salvation? If you haven’t, then you are the person that sits there and insists that Pepsi tastes better than Coke, but you have only tried the Pepsi and never the Coke. Yet, you will be steadfast in your belief that Pepsi is better despite having no conclusive first hand experience to prove otherwise. Thus, the ENTIRE argument is invalid.

    When you come to the realization that if you were born in Iran that you would have the EXACT same zeal for Muhammad and Allah that you do for Jesus and God, then that will be a big awakening for you. If you were born in India, you’d have the same zeal for Vishnu, Shiva and Brahma that have for Jesus/God. If you were born in Tibet, you would have the same zeal for Buddha that you have for Jesus/God. So what does that say about the book Christians worship (when they wouldn’t have worshiped it based solely on geographic location of birth and religion of their parents)?

    To deny it is to deny the truth. After all, the Truth Shall Set You Free…


    So in the end, I’d encourage you to keep an open mind. I give you big time kudos for acting MUCH more like a Christian than the other countless people on here who claim to be.

    Questioning yourself is a sign of immense strength and fortitude. Compare that to people who choose to “hide” and continue to believe their current belief schema just because that is what they have always done, regardless if it makes logical sense or not.

    People should constantly challenge themselves and should be reading viewpoints opposite of their own as that is the path to enlightenment.

    Looking at other religions and keeping an open mind about your current religion by challenging your current belief schema will do one of the following:

    1) Either make you realize that there is a better option for you than your current religion or belief system.

    2) Strengthen your current beliefs by realizing that you’ve ruled out some other options.

    It is truly a win-win situation, yet hardly anyone “really” does this wholeheartedly.

    If you did challenge your belief schema and looked at basic logic, then you’d realize that God didn’t write the Bible. The Bible is an antiquated book written by uneducated men 2K years ago, many of whom would have believed the Earth to be flat. The facts are that a 5th grader today knows more about the world that we live in than did the uneducated people who wrote the Bible. It is ironic that people would NEVER let a 5th grader dictate the course of their life, but when it comes to the Bible, then it all of the sudden “magically” becomes OK to do so. It is absolutely mind-boggling.

    In any event, I hope you continue to challenge yourself and stay open minded. Read my links whenever you get the time if you so desire. The more you learn, the better parent you can be for your children.

    I hope I have you shown you the same respect that you have shown me.

    Good luck in your journey!


  5. Testing says:

    So now let’s add them up:

    Group #1: Has an IQ of 102.5 and 39.6% thought religion was important.

    Group #2: Has an IQ of 71.1 and 92.3% thought religion was important.

    Now, putting those items into perspective here, an IQ of 70 is the actual cutoff mark for literal mental reta-rdation. So the group that is on the cuff of mental reta-rdation LOVES religion where virtually everyone deems it important.

    In contrast, the other group boasts a SUBSTANTIALLY higher IQ and less than 40% of the people think religion is important.

    And once again, there are of course exceptions to the rule. In your case, you appear to me to be educated and well spoken, so you are likely an exception to the rule.

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