SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Churchgoers opened the doors to their house of God only to see it become the target of thieves.

Burglars broke into the Door Christian Fellowship on Freeport Boulevard sometime on Tuesday. Several pieces of audio equipment were stolen, along with the church’s keyboards, and guitars.

Pastors say the thieves also broke into the church office, possibly looking for money.

“We have a somewhat of a compassion for the people in that sense. But it still hurts that it happened to us. We’ve been here for 14 years now, and this is our first incident,” said Assistant Pastor Mike Paular.

Church staff says they are bringing backup equipment from home and plan to continue normal services tomorrow.

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  1. ZZZzzz... says:

    I guess God fell asleep during his watch.

  2. Mace says:

    Churches rob people all the time lol

  3. joe says:

    Dam Black people!!!!

    1. Reality says:

      joe writes: “Dam Black people!!!!”

      Damn ignorant racist xenophobes.

  4. Down 4 JESUS says:

    GDLU….GOD doesn’t like UGLY. or thieves.

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