By Laura Cole

NEVADA COUNTY (CBS13) — Rural Nevada County is the perfect place to escape from the city and from the headaches of everyday life. But it’s anything but peaceful for two neighbors whose dispute over property has turned violent.

The sound of dogs barking recently sparked a confrontation involving one of the most unlikely crime suspects: a 68-year-old woman.

“Whey they go bad, they go bad real fast,” said Sgt. Rich Fevinger of the Nevada County Sheriff’s Dept.

The center of the dispute is a shared road that leads to both neighbors’ driveways. Investigators say the suspect was upset that every time her neighbor would come home and open his gate, her dogs would bark.

When the victim came home Thursday night, the suspect, 68-year-old Artemesia Lee, pepper sprayed and beat him over the head with a stick, say investigators.

“That’s where the line is crossed,” said Sgt. Fevinger.

The two are fighting over property lines. Both are forced to use the same road and they can’t agree on how each should get to their home.

This isn’t the first violent confrontation between the neighbors. Six years ago lee was arrested for being anything but a good neighbor.

“Again involving the driveway, involving the property lines, and in that incident Miss Lee fired a shotgun round into the leg of the victim, which is her neighbor,” said Sgt. Fevinger.

That’s right. She shot him in the leg. Lee served six years for that crime, and now it seems as if history may have repeated itself. Lee was arrested and charged for a crime that pits neighbor against neighbor.

Lee is charged with violating her probation and assault with a deadly weapon.

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  1. Wayne says:

    Sounds to me like Ms. Lee needs to spend the balance of her days in a really small cell. No worries about roads in there.

  2. Kado says:

    Lee know no good. 68 and still don’t know how to share. The neighbor won’t be worrying about lee anymore, assault on the people your on probation for assaulting with a weapon again causes for revoke of probation and some lenghty time mrs. Lee

  3. Kado says:

    I don’t know bout you but for me, hearing the ghetto raging other then the inner city gets me all tingly inside. And it proves a point. We all have a breaking point no matter how old you get and where you from or at in life. Sad when anybody resorts to violence too.

    1. Nobama says:

      Kado, you ought to move out of the ghetto and go to school, you write like you are an illiterate hood rat.

      1. IlliterateHoodrat says:

        Nobama, you should learn to use commas correctly before you criticize someone’s grammer; see how I used that semicolon?

      2. Meme says:

        IlliterateHoodrat- grammar not grammer.

      3. Grammar Nazi says:

        Meme: Try “Grammar, not ‘grammer.'”

  4. Linda says:

    Sounds like the victim needs to get a CCW and blast her one next time she wants to play. LOL

  5. sing says:

    i am black and i am all that and that is why i do what i do i don’t need to be more just less that is all i know

    1. Sue says:

      You know a period in a sentence is nice.

      1. joe says:

        Not worrying about others punctuation, would be nice..Get a life.

      2. Joe's Mom says:

        Illiteracy doesn’t make you cool, Joe. It only makes you illiterate.

    2. John says:

      What? Were you trying to make a point?

    3. I have just 2 words for Sing. says:

      You’re Stupid.

  6. Grrrrr says:

    Sounds like a medical problem: Crazy B*tch Syndrome.

    If someone shot me in the leg with a shotgun on my own property, they would be full of daylight in about 3 seconds.

  7. kki says:

    All of you stupid people are not Smart get a life and stop talking about race.

  8. Kathy Shaw says:

    Talk about stupidity. If the neighbor coming home casued the woman’s dogs to bark, that’s her problem, not his. They’re her dogs. If anyone should have filed a complaint or assaulted someone, it should have been the neighbor who more then likely has to listen to her dogs barking at all hours.

  9. Blower says:

    Shes a total nut, lock her up in a padded cell and give her some checkers to choke on..

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