By Grant Napear

Today Grant does the show from KHTK’s golf tournament at Winchester golf course on a rainy summer day. First, Grant recaps the the Giants 13-7 win over the Chicago Cubs today, the NBA lockout situation and interviews Fat Lever, director of player development for the Sacramento Kings, to discuss the NBA lockout, Kings 1st round pick Jimmer Fredette and Fat talks about how hard he is working to prepare players for the season before lockout begins and won’t be able to contact players till a deal is done. Next, Ian Thompson from Sports Illustrated comes on the show to further discuss the NBA labor situation and gives his thoughts on Jimmer Fredette and gets us caught up with all the latest NBA headlines.

In the second hour, Grant rants on Drew Rosenhaus (AGAIN) and his press conference about client Terrell Owens today. Fans react to Grants rant, and John Salmons, who played for the Kings, then traded to Chicago Bulls got traded to the Milwaukee Bucks, and was traded back to the Kings on draft day last week, joins the show to talk about how much he has improved his game since his first stint with the Kings and his thoughts on being back in Sacramento and closes out the show with listener phone calls and reads from the text line.

  1. Larry Stanley says:

    Grant Napear
    Enjoyed your talk show the other evening, especially when you were chatting about your “pet peeve” about slow play on the golf course. It’s a pet peeve of mine as well and here’s one of my pet peeves: Golfers that don’t tend the flagstick, slows the golf game! My suggestion will speed up the pace of play: Putting Green ‘Pace of Play’ Golf Courtesy…
    A suggestion for helping with “Pace of Play”: The FIRST person to putt out should pick up the flag stick from the green and replace it after the others putt out. That way, each player shares in the duties/fun of replacing the flag stick and this always helps speed up the ‘pace of play.’ Along with the suggestion, I would also throw in a touch of humor at the end.. …Otherwise, if you are just concentrating so hard on your personal round of golf that you forget to help with the flag stick, one of your foursome may ask you that dreaded question, “Do you know how heavy a flag stick is?” And you may respond with, “I don’t know. How much does it weigh?” Then, you may get an answer such as, “Try picking one up once in a while.”
    With that said, a golf buddy who used to caddy in his younger days passed along his list below that was given to the team of caddies he worked with…bullet #3 supports the ‘Tending the Flagstick & Pace of Play’ suggestion…
    “I spent most of my youth and summers caddying at a golf course. In learning to caddy you learn many things about golf, ethics, sportsmanship, and also how to cooperate in a team effort. Our caddies were informed:
    * First player on the green, caddy leaves his bag(s) on the side of green leading to next tee so he can be available to tend flag if needed.
    * When your player(s) is on the green, leave your bag(s) on side of the green leading to next tee if possible.
    * Caddy for first player to hole out is responsible to put the flag back in the hole if possible.
    * If packing doubles and one or two caddies are packing single then the doubles caddy has the right to ask for flag replacement assistance from the others.”

    Anyway, Grant, enjoyed that segment about folks walking across the fairway to check their distance and then walk back to their cart for their club…ridiculous!!!!
    Like you said, it all boils down to “common sense!”
    Check out my site when you have some time:
    Larry Stanley

    “I Golf Because The Voices Inside My Head Tell Me To!”

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