Bear Boom Partly To Blame For Increased Encounters

AUBURN (CBS13) — An employee at an Auburn restaurant had to use extreme measures to scare away a family of bears that were digging through garbage.

The incident didn’t happen inside the restaurant, but over in the back by the dumpsters.

“This is where she was going through the garbage,” said restaurant employee Andrew Castperite, motioning to the dumpsters.

Casperite faced a task probably not in his job description.

“She started to walk out in defense mode…and that’s when I had to tell people to get the heck back,” he said.

Customers gathered around at the Auburn Ikeda’s in awe of this massive black bear and her two cubs rummaging through the trash. But as the bear inched closer, Casperite knew he had to step in.

“My first initial response was to grab one of these (holding a water bottle) and start banging it, because that’s how to scared them off, but apparently she was very used to humans, because she was not frightened by that at all,” he said.

The bear was stubborn, and there are many more like it.

“A bear this size could cause a lot of damage very quickly,” said California Fish & Game Warden Patrick Foy.

Foy says California black bear sightings are becoming more common as wet winters and springs in recent years have caused a population boom.

“The areas where the bears are on the fringe of human development, these bears tend to gravitate toward those areas because they find easy sources of food,” said Foy.

But in the process of scavenging for these easy meals, the bears pose a danger to humans.

“I decided to jump in my car and kind of drive very fast at her honking the horn and that scared her off,” said Casperite.

No one was injured in the incident, but from now on, employees are likely to mind the sign on the dumpster enclosure reminding them to keep the trash closed.

“We’re going to have to take a lot more precautions,” said Casperite.

Game officials say you should never approach a bear cub. They can still be vicious, and their mother is likely close by.

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  1. veggiemama says:

    Hello… this isn’t rocket science. You can get bear proof containers from the local recology dept. If they do not have what you need… contact or go to the Trucree dump and they have many different garbage containers available.
    Please do not contribuate to their demise by being a dolt!!

  2. sammy says:

    What is the name of the restaurant? Its obviously important to the story otherwise they would not have identified the subject as a restaurant employee.

    1. Caroline says:

      “Customers gathered around at the Auburn Ikeda’s”

      Ikeda’s is a Burger Joint & a mini market

    2. Gryphon says:

      Re-read the article. The name is there. Read the section “Customers gathered around….”

  3. rmcsticks says:

    That employee is an Idiot and was just looking to impress his friends, you would mess with a bear and her cubs just to take out the garbage ? your an Idiot and a fool…..

    1. Gryphon says:

      Obvously you failed to read the article. No surprise there. It will keep you from sounding like an immature child. I’ll give you a big hint. Try reading from the section that starts “Customers gathered around…” The employee, Casperite, did a great job of handling the situation. No people were harmed and the bears weren’t harmed…..a win-win ending.

  4. Bear Lee says:

    This is Un-bear-lievable

  5. Barry Brown says:

    I couldn’t even bare the thought

  6. Conner Mills says:

    Man what a hero……..

  7. Curt r says:

    Un bear able

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