If you’ve got kids, you’ve got messes, especially with cereal and snacks. So when we found the “Snack Trap”, the spill proof snack cup, we figured, why not buy it and try it?

Daycare snack time at the downtown Sacramento YMCA is pretty messy with food all over the floor with kids stepping on it and sliding on it.

And this is the routine twice a day for Dyshay Hunter, or Miss Dyshay as the kids know her.

Just minutes after Dyshay started handing out the Kix in a cup, it seems that little Jesse, and not marcus had cornered the market on messes.

We found something that might help. “The Original Anti-Spill Snack Cup.”

It’s got these plastic slits that are supposed to stop kids from spilling stuff everywhere.

The snack trap is great because kids spill things which they did, at least while we got the snack trap ready.

So we washed it like the instructions said and the kids were, well, kids.

Kurtis: Is this normal? This is a big mess.

Dyshay: This is our typical snack, breakfast, lunch, this is normal.

Kurtis: So this cup could probably help out a lot?

Dyshay: This cup would be real nice. It would help out a lot if it works.

The first challenge with the cup was getting the lid on.

It turns out the lid is not that hard to get off. But once we got it back on, Jesse tried and tried to get the Kix to spill; he shook and punched it, but the the Kix don’t come out.

In fact, Kayla, Mikee, Alyssa and even Marcus tried their hardest to get the snack trap to spill. Then it was Israel’s turn, he got a bunch out.

“Kids are kids, they figure out ways to make messes anyway,” said Dyshay.

Even though we managed to still make quite a mess, Miss Dyshay still gives it a passing grade.

“If their child is four or five, probably not, it won’t be really effective for them, but if their child was three and under, than, yeah, go for it,” Dyshay. And for $5, it’s not a bad deal.

“Five dollars? I think it’s a good deal. You could put juice in it, take the top off,” said Dyshay.

But now that Dyshay gave us our grade, we have to clean up the mess we made.

To be fair, these kids were really persistent in trying to get it to spill, and we egged them on a little. The cup did work, though, and even has a couple other lids you can buy to use it for drinks and storage.


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