Bam! It claims to easily remove everyday problems like burned on grease, baked on foods, grimy messes and oily spills. The claims were big, so we thought, why not find a place that will have a big mess. Who better than a good ol’ hamburger joint to try it out?

At Hot Rod’s burgers, sure there’s the shakes, but there’s also the fries and the hot dogs a little bacon and, of course, the burgers — all leading to one thing.

Hot Rod’s has lots of grease and the grease leads to lots of cleanup. It doesn’t matter how hard they clean there’s always a film of grease, which brings us to Bam! The ad says spray, rinse, wipe and sparkle.

We let the trap soak for awhile, and decided to look for other uses for Bam!

There were also scuffmarks on the floor at the restaurant. For the most part, the reason the Hot Rod’s staff says the scuffs were still there after scrubbing is because they haven’t been able to get them off.

It even cleaned the door’s kick guard – surprisingly well.

Ok, so how about the other claims, like permanent marker?

That’s a no on the marker. But now back to the grease trap; how did it do? We weren’t convinced and let someone else try to take it off. It seemed to start working, taking off the grease.

The total? We went three for four on our tests, and we managed to make Hot Rod’s management a little happier.