It’s the Pet Chime, a portable wireless electronic pet doorbell. Buy the device for $29.95 and you can teach your dog to ring it, whenever they have to go do the doo.

Tracy Ketchum, an executive producer here at CBS 13 is always talking about her dog, almost to a fault. She’s mom to Hana Kula Ketchum, and let me tell you, this pooch is as personable as her name. The 5-year old cocker spaniel seems to have never ending energy.

According to Tracy, she’s got one smart dog. So when Hana has to go to the bathroom, she’s got the routine down – she scratches at the window.

But sometimes Tracy doesn’t hear the scratching, and you know what that means – presents. The steam cleaner’s been a good investment.

So, to hide any future embarrassments, we introduced Tracy and Hana to the doggy doorbell.

It has two pieces. The doorbell, you put by the door. And a receiver, you put where you can hear it.

The directions say to encourage your dog to use the doorbell, with some treats. We placed a surveillance camera by the door, and let them be. When we returned 2 weeks later, Tracy wasn’t so happy.

Evidently Hana learned how to use the doggy doorbell – too well. She picked it up the first night.

“She’s constantly ringing the bell,” said Tracy.

Hana realized, aside from going outside, she can use it for other purposes too.

“I will be in the middle of the conversation, relaxing on the couch and it’ll be “bing bong bing bong bing bong”, until I give her some attention, so she’s using this to get any attention. Any attention. She loves it,” Tracy says.

So sure it works. But Tracy has no plans on hanging on to the doorbell. That means it’s back to scratching for Hana.


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