By Kurtis Ming

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — The Capital Athletic club has been helping people stay fit for a quarter century. Marketing Director Amanda Warren says they offer up fresh clean towels, and they’ll even wash your workout clothes when you’re done.

“We wash them, dry them and put them back in your locker for you.”

That is a lot of clothes to keep soft and wrinkle free and towels to stay fluffy. The Mister Steamy claims it’s the revolutionary new dryer ball with the power of steam. It claims to turn your dryer into a wrinkle free machine.

We head to the laundry room.  Amanda fills up the green ball with four ounces of water.  It absorbs into what appears to be a sponge tucked inside the Mister Steamy Dryer Ball. She then throws it in the dryer with some towels. For a comparison we throw the same number of towels into another dryer without a Mister Steamy.

The commercial and box show steam shooting out of the holes of the green ball. We watch for it, but don’t see any. For the wrinkle-free test we throw wrinkled t-shirts into each dryer. The directions say the wrinkles should release in only fifteen minutes. After fifteen minutes, Amanda compares the t-shirts from each dryer and says, “similar wrinkleness”.   She doesn’t see the benefit of the Mister Steamy for wrinkles.

When the towels are finally dry, Amanda folds our two samples of tiles, stacking them side by side.  The box shows the Mister Steamy towels stack up taller because they are fluffier.

“I don’t see a difference,” Amanda says. “Should we get a second opinion,” she asked.

Worker Katie doesn’t see the difference in the stack either. Amanda had high hopes, but wasn’t impressed with Mister Steamy.

“Don’t waste your money,” she said. “Is that rude?”

The directions say you need to replace the Mister Steamy every three to six months. We paid $14.88 for two Mister Steamy balls at Walmart.

  1. diana says:

    i just saw segment for mister steamy. i think you needed to use both mr. steamys for the one big dryer.
    i have a regular dryer at home. i use one. it does work if you follow the directions on the box. it does dampen the clothes so you time it for about an hour depending on what it is you are drying.
    it makes things really soft and fluffy. not quiet like the photo. but what you dont know until you clean your lint filter, is that there is hardly any lint when you use mr. steamy. that means its not weaing out your fabric in the heat.
    i also think that the towels at the gym have probably been dried so many times that there is alot of softness left to the towels.
    you do also have to use a dryer sheet. then you get super soft laundry.
    i like it when i dry my fleece throws, they come out so soft.
    remember, check you lint filter after using mr. steamy, on things that shed alot after drying them. i got mine at kmart on sunrise for $9.00 on sale.

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