By Steve Large

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — He’s accused of locking his dogs inside a hot car, but he’s in even more trouble for allegedly attacking a married couple who tried to stop him.

The dogs’ owner, Bradley Green, says he was only resisting an unlawful citizen’s arrest. The couple’s confrontation with Green happened on a 99-degree day in a grocery store parking lot, where Green had allegedly left his dogs inside the car while he went to pick up something eat. When he came back out, that’s when he said he was accosted by the couple.

“He jumped me and was on top of me,” said Green.

It’s not exactly clear how his troubles all started. CBS13’s Steve Large caught up with Green at his home.

“You know, I don’t think I really want to talk to you,” said Green, who wound up telling his side of the story anyway.

Steve: “But you admit you did put your hands on them?”

Green: “I have a right to resist an unlawful detainment.”

Steve: “That’s what happened, huh?”

Green: “Yes.”

When Sacramento County Sheriff’s deputies arrived, they arrested him for assaulting the married couple. He allegedly slapped and punched them, and even poked the husband’s eyes when they called 9-1-1.

“This is Tara and this is Tike,” said Green, introducing his Pomeranians.

Steve: “And they weren’t in any danger?”

Green: “No, I got a gallon of milk and a pre-made submarine sandwich and these people would not leave to let me go home.”

The cute lap dogs appear fine now. Green says his dogs were safe from the beginning because he parked in the shade.

Now he’s arguing the couple illegally detained him.

“One citizen cannot detain another citizen. When I came out of the store at that moment of time he had the right to call whatever authority he wanted,” said Green.

That’s the way Green sees it.

Steve: “The sheriff’s department says you poked his eyes?”

Green: “No.”

Green is now dealing with a potential black mark on his criminal record.

Citizen arrests are legal, but what is a little bit of a grey area is how much force a person can use while making the arrest.

Green had one misdemeanor arrest in 1997.

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  1. Lee says:

    I’m pretty sure I would of just let my dogs out of the car so they could take care of this couple. Mine are not Pomeranians they are BIG DOGS>

    1. Valerie Hunsinger says:

      Well Lee, I hope you have brains enough NOT to have your big dogs in your car on a day like this.

      1. Valerie is annoying says:

        Are you the woman who tried to “citizen arrest” him? You seem just as irrational and annoying.

  2. SubiNate says:

    If you had held your cool and let the cops come, the couple would have been made fools of. Instead, you started a physical confrontation and ended up making a fool out of yourself. Great job.

    1. Cgalvan says:

      If that couple had broken the car window they could have rescued the dogs.

  3. 57LesPaulCustom says:

    What these self-righteous jerks did is not surprising. People don’t use their brains anymore. A dog in a car, and presto, it’s animal abuse. I had something like this happen when we were vacationing in FL. We drove from Boston to Fort Myers in Dec ’09with three people, two dogs (one a newfy!), and two cats. Near the end of our stay, my wife received a call while I was walking the dogs in the AM. It had been downright cold overnight for that part of FL — probably about 50F. Someone had called Animal Control early in the AM to report a canine in the vehicle. The lab was in the hotel with us and the newfy was in the car. The animal control “officer” reported that the windows were “barely cracked.” Hmmmm barely cracked….. Well, I’d say “cracked would mean something like 1/4”, so “barely cracked” would mean 1/8″. All four windows were down at least 2 inches, and the temperature inside the car had to have been a blistering 60F to 70F when I went out to walk the newfy — bald faced lie by the A/C officer. I think the best solution is to put a giant round bimetallic thermometer — like you hang on a tree — in the car. Even then, people wouldn’t even care what it indicated. Dog in the car!!!! Abuse!!!!!!

  4. Cate says:

    If you at least had cracked the window that would make it a little better in the car. It was a very hot day and gets even hotter in the car, even in the shade. I agree with you that you should not have been accosted in the way your were, and the couple had a right to call whomever they wished without physically assaulting you. I have seen many cars with little dogs inside with no window cracked open and I can’t imagine why. I have large dogs so my windows are at least 3-4 inches down (god help anyone who puts their hand in).

  5. Annie2010 says:

    This dog owner is a complete idiot! And he got physical with the guy’s wife?!?!? ! He is certainly no gentleman! The main point here is it is illegal & a crime to leave your children or pets in your vehicle on a hot day, regardless of shade or time, no excuses. And the dogs weren’t in any danger?!?! In a parked car on a 99 degree day! Its hotter than hell in there in a matter of minutes regardless of the shade ! LEAVE YOUR PETS AT HOME ON A HOT DAY, AFTER ALL THEY CAN’T SPEAK UP FOR THEMSELVES, THANK GOD SOMEBODY DID!!

    1. Cgalvan says:

      They didn’t speak up for anything, they were complete idiots that left a dog to die in a car. Why didn’t they smash the window an get the dog out????

      Well with any luck the dogs will be taken away from this man, after all the dog pound does a wonderful job of taking care of dogs

  6. Lauren says:

    cmoreride, make sure that you charge the couple with false imprisonment for blocking you in like that and charge them with assault. Also sue for the false imprisonment, assault, and emotional distress. The crazies in Sacramento are multiplying and I cannot go anywhere with my dogs without some nutjob calling the police because I have dogs in my car.

    One night in March. at Old Navy, it was dark outside and cool, and my dogs were in the car. Dingus Magoo, an obese security guard who identified himself as Darren Mathis, badge #382, of Forbes security, and when I asked him his weight he indignantly described himself as weighing “too much,” maybe 250 pounds, confronted me. He was agitating my dogs in the car and argued with me that I should not have dogs in my car. I told him to quit agitating my dogs. He said he was calling the Sheriff’s department and I called them to get this freak whackadoodle away from me. Dipwad waddled off and I left, but I have not been back to that Howe and Hurley shopping area since then. It is like people have nothing better to do then to harass dog owners.

    Arden Fair Mall is also a place rich with unwarranted harassment (about 4 times for me), although the security there seems to be becoming more sociable with respect to dogs in vehicles. I will not go to Arden Fair Mall without my dogs because of the murders that happen there. One woman was carjacked outside of Sears quite awhile ago, she was driven to L.A. on a drug run and sexually assaulted the entire way and brought back. The carjackers ran her over with her own car paralyzing her and left her to drown to death in shallow water. A Sac PD officer stopping me at Arden Fair Mall for having dogs in the car suggested that I park in the same lot that that woman parked so that I could avoid customers calling the police. A short time after that confrontation with Sac PD, another murder occurred at Arden Fair Mall, in the same parking lot and about two parking spaces from where that Sac PD officer talked to me about my dogs. Naturally, I will always have dogs in my car at Arden Fair Mall and I will never ever park at the Sears back lot.

  7. Frankie says:

    Wow the comments here are brutal! It’s almost scary to know that we have these two “do-gooders” roaming our streets. I’m trying to imagine what these meddling, no-good-for-nothing, liberals look like so that I can avoid them at all costs…thoughts? At least I know what a woman beating up a man looks like so I should be a little safer than a few of you. You just can’t be too careful these days….

    Btw – has anyone else found it even a ittle curious that you’re only hearing a one sided story?

  8. laura balem says:

    I guess people just dont get it… dont leave childdren or pets in a car……EVER!!! WHat part of this dont people understand. If you dont want a ciitizens arrest, then dont be stupid.

  9. Animal Lover says:

    WOW – what a state! I can no longer protect myself from crazies??? I’ll get arrested – not them??? WOW!!! California – how far you’ve fallen!!!!!

  10. surf not see says:

    There are a lot of people chiming in with facts they’ve no doubt discovered while studying veterinary medicine at Their Ass University. The fact is,even with windows cracked in 99 degree weather temperatures can easily rise inside vehicles in the shade in a very short period of it enough to seriously endanger the animals or children. If the dog’s internal temperature raises to over 105 degrees, their internal organs begin to shut down and they die within minutes. It does not take very long for this to happen, which is why it happens several times a year to people who had no idea it was going to happen.

    The CEO of VA SPCA had her dog die in her car due to hyperthermia not very long ago, in 91 degree weather. It is very dangerous and people clearly have a hard time accepting this as a fact, which is evident by many/most of the commenters thus far.

    1. DogLover says:

      Apparently this person attended Their Ass University as well:

      Use some common sense…

  11. RoninDallas says:

    IF you go by the details of the Story, Green was well within his rights to defend himself and his property against unknown assailants. Since he used enough force to prevent further attack, then he’s totally in the clear. I highly doubt that the couple stated “Persuent to California law, I am so and so. you are in violation of California penal code CAxxx.yyy and I am placing you under citizen’s arrest. Please remain here and do not resist as law enforcement is contacted”
    That is the ONLY legal way to use citizen’s arrest in all 50 states. If they did not state all of that context, this was merely a psychotic couple attacking another citizen. Mr Green then indentified they posed a threat and took the correct action.
    I say they need to be charged with Assault and unlawful detainment (we call that kidnapping in common terms)

  12. Big D in the S A C says:

    Man, by reading these comments you would think there are a bunch of tough guys in the area. Too bad when they hit daylight they walk with thier heads down, drive with thier windows up and stay in the suburbs. Bunch of whiny wimps!!! all of you!! I will detain you if I want, I will take your keys and feed them to you if I want, there is nothing you could do, no matter how bad you think you are on this computer…wanna try me, email me when and where and I will be there. Lock your dog in your car when its 100 outside, just so I have an excuse. I dont think you realize just how serious Law Enforcement and Fire consider and react to hot dog calls. I will still do whatever I want to you or your family and there is nothing your yuppie butt could do about it, concealed carry or not. I will take that from you too and sell it or use it as a throw away

    1. Big D needs a sac says:

      And all that pipe dream will fall away from your angry little mind when the 45 cal round hits it.

    2. Yuppie says:

      “I will still do whaerver I want to you or your family…”

      Sounds like you are the real tough guy. Your doing the same thing all the ‘tough guys’ are doing, you slack-jawed, knuckledraggin mentally unstable ape. Cmon and beat us all up big internet ‘tough guy’ roflmao @ loser D

  13. miker says:

    Call the police, take down their lic.number. Bye the way why does CBS place Reply/Report comment at the bottom of some replies and not on a few others who need to be reported or replied to because they certainly reply to other posters and some are vulgar etc..this is very discriminating at its lowest form.

  14. Hoagie Hero says:

    The real crime of this story is that he was in posession of “a gallon of Milk and a Preee-Made SubMariiine Sandwich”. Tragic.

  15. cmoreride says:

    The DA did not file charges it’s done deal

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