SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Taxi drivers are on edge after three local cabs were attacked within an approximate 24 hour period.

Authorities said a cabbie was robbed and carjacked at gunpoint just before midnight Thursday and another was robbed at gunpoint just after midnight Saturday.

The second victim, Adem Alamu, said he is considering his future as a cab driver after the armed robbery.

“He took out the gun, he said, ‘Just go, don’t stop,’” Alamu said.

Another cab driver was kicked in the face and robbed of about $55 at around 2:00 a.m. Saturday.

The string of violent attacks ends the relatively peaceful period of the past six months. Late last year, several cab drivers around Sacramento were attacked and injured, one fatally. Another driver was hurt in a racially-motivated beating in West Sacramento.

The Sacramento Sheriff’s Department is investigating whether the recent armed robberies are connected, but say there is no immediate indication the incidents were hate crimes. The suspects in the two armed robberies were described in similar ways: A heavyset black male in his mid 20s, wearing a white shirt.

Authorities are warning cab drivers to avoid picking up any suspicious fares.

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  1. Elmer from Georgetown says:

    “Police warn cab drivers not to pick up any suspicious fares”…another words, if they are black, don’t pick them up, because chances are you’re about to get attacked and robbed.

    1. Gary says:

      No, dummy. Don’t pick up heavyset black males in their mid 20s, wearing a white shirt. Stop making this a racial comment.

  2. jon says:

    Well, if the customer is black man, better just tell him to walk home because you either going to be robbed or not paid at the end of the trip.

  3. Richard says:

    Dang Elmer, I know you live a sheltered lifestyle up there in ‘them hills’ of Georgetown. When’s the last time you’ve seen a black man? Do you sit in your rocking chair on your front porch with a 12 gauge double barrel pump action shotgun resting on your lap just waiting to shoot a black man should one happen to come to Georgetown? For your info, I am a black man; I do not attack people nor do I rob them, and for that matter nor do I commit any crimes. People like you would just say I am white-washed. But…at least I have a full set of teeth!!!

    1. justin says:

      haha, good one:)

    2. kahleel says:

      Exactly, white people taking anatave of non whites they do it all the time they think they better with there standardized tests and acting like all non whites are criminals but this was obviously a white person who whot those cab drivers prob cuz he thought they were muslims or sumthing just goes to show you what white people are like in and out i hear you brother keep fighting the good fight richard

      1. nomowelfare says:

        kahleel, Try going back to school, learn punctuation and spelling. So when you write a comment, you don’t reinforce those stereotypes by sounding so ignorant.

      2. swinss says:

        Way to fuel the fire, Kahleel!

    3. Rusty says:

      Unfortunately, even though you may not commit crimes, your kind does…and often. BTW, I’ve never heard of a black guy with the name Richard!

    4. Eric says:

      Approx. 9% of the population in the Sacramento area yet >50% of the violent crimes. 3 can robberies in 1 night and all 3 were described as black males. Duh!!!

  4. Harry Canyon says:

    Harry Canyon comes to mind

  5. sam says:

    Some of you may not like to hear the truth, but if someone is working a job in a neighborhood where blacks are more likely than any other race to commit a crime against him/her, it would only be logical to be more cautious around them. You’re not working the job and your life is not on the time so you can sit here and talk about what’s right and what’s wrong, but some risk their lives everyday. They have a family to go home to. If 60% of a person’s encounters with blacks are negative, would it that wrong for him/her to stereotype against the majority of them? The answer is absolutely not.

  6. The Blogger says:

    So what are the locations of the crimes? More details please….

    Perhaps the cabbies need to be armed for their own protecion.

  7. Brenda Torres says:

    Close circuit TV cameras linked to home site….or something like that inside these Taxi Cabs…..At least it would be a deturant. These Taxi drivers are too open and no protection….scary!!!

  8. HooDatIS? says:


  9. Richard S. Hughey says:

    Before I moved to Folsom and relocated my business from Stockton I reached the point where I had to carefully evaluate each potential customer living in South Stockton before doing business with them. I am a good judge of character and there were times when I simply turned down jobs because I knew I wouldn’t get paid or the check would bounce, on the other hand I sometimes simply did the job and left the bill on their door and was promply paid by mail. I have been ripped off a few times, sometimes they were rich white people and onetime by a black guy. I never was ripped off by an asian or hispanic. Arabs and Indians always try to haggle you down before you do the job and especially after it is complete and they have you by the ball’s. So I seldom do business with those folks unless I know them. By and large though,I would have to say that its the middle to upper class white women that have cheated me out of my wages. I tend to group people together and adjust my level of caution accordingly. Its called Situational Awareness and it means being aware of your situation and your surrounding’s.

    1. flynnsef says:

      Wow, you have the American culture pegged.

    2. Whitey says:

      Dis u ever think ur work was NOT good? LOL one thing I know about people, they are a good judge of B.S. too! People aren’t as stupid as u thought LO! Remember the customer is always RIGHT

    3. Red says:

      Hahaha!…We whites have been fleecing the system at the highest levels of corporate/political for decades now. The dirty little secret is that we are the entitled ones and usually get a slap on the wrist. We are only interested in millions, while we will prosecute chump crimes of minoritties to the max. Yes, this is a double standard and what they taught us all at Harvard…so deal!

      Everyone should also know that we are the TRUE AMERICANS…

    4. oldfart says:

      I got paid double by a white woman

  10. John Betgeorge says:

    want to see instant results. do like Iran…chop arms of these people or hang them.

  11. John Betgeorge says:

    youre truly a dumb a$$. so if your family member owns a business and im not happy with their prices i should wish them getting kicked in the face and putting LOL. maybe it you who needs to suffer.

  12. serena says:

    The cabs should be secured like those of a cop car.

  13. Chuck says:

    12 gauge double barrelled pump actioned shotgun? Where do I get one Richard?

  14. Matt says:

    Do not pick up people that wear clothing that appear to conceal a weapon. Like someone wearing ski jacket on a hot summer day or extra-baggy jeans.

  15. Mark says:

    I think cop cars should double as metered taxis – this way fare profits will help pay for police services AND and the same time safety issues will be solved

  16. krakker jon md. says:

    alalalalalalalalalalalalalalala, it our country, in our country we shower before work…..

  17. Sherry says:

    White,Black Green, Who care’s what color they r it just so happens this person was black. Just because it happen is sad! That doesn’t make us a racial to tell the story you wouldn’t have said that it was racial if they had said it was a white person but if anyone says it a black person it has to be racial I’m so sick of people using the racial card. All your saying is if the person is WHITE<YELLOW<RED it's ok to tell people but if it's a black person don't say anything because your racial Maybe if the black man hadn't done it we all would be good!!! I know a lot of people of different color we all have good and bad. It's just sad that someone got hurt out there doing his JOB trying to make a living. Right now everyone is having a hard time making ends means. They works late nights and I know II wouldn't want to deal with a bunch of drunks for a few extra bucks Just hoping someone might give me a tip oh opps he did get a TIP he got Kicked in face.

  18. oldfart says:

    you pure breds sure know it all

  19. jackie says:

    ALL SACRAMENTO CAB DRIVERS DESERVE MEDALS FOR BRAVERY.THE ECONOMY IS BAD FOR MILLIONS AND IT IS GETTING WORSE EVERYDAY, desperate people will resort to crime to survive(not refering to drug addicts). No matter what their race is.

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