SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Suspects have stolen more than 100 storm drain grates in Sacramento in recent weeks, forcing city workers to rush to replace them and leaving residents at a loss to explain by the culprits’ motives.

Natomas residents said at least 13 of the cast iron grates went missing overnight Wednesday, and city workers have begun welding the replacement grates in place.

The covers cost about $63 each to replace, but it is unlikely that thieves snatched the metal to sell for scrap. Although prices for recycled copper have jumped to about $3.25 a pound, cast iron can only sell for about a penny if you can find a recycler willing to pay for it.

At least one cover disappears a night, according to city officials, but suspects take as many as 15 in other nights.

The city of Sacramento has already paid at least $5,300 in materials alone.

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  1. ben405 says:

    A stakeout with a shotgun loaded with rocksalt (Be sure to have a bucket of water handy) would do winders. Not fatal, but would leave a great impression on the crook.

    The news of one thief shot would spread like wildfire.

    1. TJ says:

      You lost me at ‘not fatal’.

    2. Scott says:

      Great idea…if you have a shotgun and shells loaded with rocksalt! But, what I’ve done is point my car at the thieves and s-l-o-w-l-y nudge up to them. The two times I did this they dropped the grate and jumped into their car (I did get their license plate…and now carry a cheapo flash camera. If they don’t drop in I would pull my car right over the grate. If they produce a gun(s) then I’ll use my car as a self-defense weapon.

  2. JustMe says:

    This kind of lunacy MUST STOP! Everyone should be watching & turning in these criminals–and send the ILLEGALS HOME, while you’re at it!

  3. proudmuslima says:

    Has anyone thought that someone is making a foundation for something like a deck or patio? They could lay them on the ground and then pour concrete over them and there you go…

    1. p-rick says:

      Shut up dummy.

  4. Wonder Spik says:

    Most likely they are being used as make shift BBQ grills, amigo.

  5. neveramazed says:

    Whats crazy about this if you fall in one of the holes thats 20ft drop. Most likely shipping them down south to Mexico to be reused there.

  6. Detter says:

    Anarchists hard at work?

  7. Jo Denny says:

    Wow, those theives just dont know when to quit lol.

  8. JohnneyH says:

    It must be illegals, they can not make money any other way.

  9. sailordude says:

    Got to be liberals. Dumb as a box of rocks.

    1. LaughingAtDumbSailor says:

      You mean Tea-Baggers, don’t you?

  10. smashicus says:

    Don’t you also love the fact that Mexican truck drivers are allowed to drive up into the U.S. now instead of turning their load over to an American truck driver at the border. I wonder how many of those trucks are returning with stolen material looted from America? It’s as if members of our government are working with the criminals to hollow out our country. Traitors.

    1. hebgb says:

      Remember in 2012 when you hit the polls. Talk to your friends and stop the madness.

  11. Jack Roth says:

    We had the same problem with someone stealing 20 or so storm grates in our housing development. They were not selling them directly but putting them in junk cars so it would increase the weigh when sold. Several of the homeowners have installed photo cell operated spot lights and have purchased shot guns. However this being Tennessee, they went right for the 00. Thieves beware.

  12. Dan Young says:

    hmm, are city plumbing and sewer workers doing this ti make sure there are no layoffs?

  13. bums says:

    Good job following a story broken first by The Natomas Buzz:

  14. George says:

    There have been a considerable number of such thefts reported since the beginning of the Obama Depression. People are getting desperate though that is no excuse for lawless behavior.

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