YOLO COUNTY (CBS13)- A two day police sweep targeting sex offenders in Yolo County leads to 13 arrests.

Yolo County investigators called it “Operation Vigilance”.  They spent the last two days checking Yolo County’s 436 registered sex offenders for compliance.

Video provided to us by investigators shows officers contacting sex offenders making sure they’re obeying all laws.

The operation included a search of the Granada Hotel in West Sacramento where 13 sex offenders live.
Investigators were also armed with specialized computer software that simplifies the analysis of computer and other digital storage devices.

In all, officers arrested 13 people, mostly on probation and parole violations for things like possession of pornography, children’s coloring books, and one had a gun.

Another man, not currently a sex offender, was arrested on a sex charge.

And non sex offenders were also arrested on parole violations.

Police saying over the two day sweep they attempted or tried to contact 183 convicted sex offenders.

Comments (3)
  1. BigRed53 says:

    Can you imagine an out of towner checked into that lovely “Hotel” when alll this went down? Priceless.

  2. The Blogger says:

    Why are they out of jail in the first place?

    I encourage everyone to look at the Megans law website.

    You will be amazed………


  3. Whitey says:

    No wonder I haven’t seen any WHITE guys today LOL

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