STOCKTON, Calif. (CBS13) — A fight between neighbors has left a man with a gaping wound in his head after a woman allegedly ripped part of his eyebrow away with her teeth.

Raymond Luna said he suffered the painful injury over his left eye while trying to break up a fight between two neighbors – a mother and a daughter – and his 16-year-old daughter, Cheyenne.

The younger neighbor, identified as a 20-year-old woman, allegedly tried to provoke Raymond’s daughter into in a brawl and then leaped onto Raymond when he intervened.

“She jumped [on me],” he said. “She bit down on me. She actually hugged me and bit down, spit it out.”

Without the missing chunk of flesh, doctors couldn’t sew up the wound and say Raymond will need reconstructive surgery.

The Luna family said they plan to move, since the suspects live in the apartment below theirs. As Raymond spoke with CBS13, a family member of one of the suspects began shouting at him, claiming the alleged aggressor had acted in self defense during the altercation.

Police do not believe the bite was self defense and have classified the incident as an assault. They have not yet located the suspects.

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  1. Mace says:

    LOL…next time just woop her azz

  2. JJ says:

    @ Rusty- that is a racist and stereotypical comment to say…what If I was to say WHITE TRASH or they were probably BLACK? THat would be no different. The truth is….its not what they are, its WHO THEY ARE. You can be mexican, black, white, asian and be a low life or a decent person. So grow up and don’t make such ignorant comments. I feel badly for the innocent victim who was just trying to protect his daughter. Jumping on someone and biting their eyebrow off is assault not self defense. I had a similar situation years ago when my boyfriend (who is now my husband) his ex wife stalked me and attacked me when I was pregnant. I was forced to defend myself against her. I hope in this case that this girl gets what she deserves.

    1. Diane says:

      JJ..You are the only one with any common sense. The rest are just ignorent and hateful. There is bad in all races.

    2. J.C. is a sex offender says:

      Richard Chase was white. Columbus was white. Republicans are white and all of these whites have been plundering, invading, genociding all over the planet. I am so glad your wife left you for a decent black man. Yes, .C., I know you and you are supposed to register for your sex crimes.

    3. Seraphim0 says:

      Wow, you’re ignorant. You could say the EXACT same thing about whites during the colonization of any country- during wars- during the crusades- or in cases in modern times. People like you are a burden to the planet.

  3. Knock her Down & Take a Bite says:

    An Eyebrow for An Eyebrow…………………………

  4. chicanojustice says:

    I guess she was hungry. Do pork rinds have preservatives that adversely affect behavior? If you want Mexican food, you don’t bite a Mexican. Sorry, it does not work that way.

    1. Reply says:


  5. Hank A. says:

    I won’t play the race card, but this girl who bit the man is nothing more than an animal. You act like an animal…. YOU ARE AN ANIMAL !!!!!! Hope the guy sues the hell out of this ANIMAL !!!
    P.S. The police will find this ANIMAL at the local animal shelter or strolling the streets looking to turn tricks. Bet she likes doing it “doggy style” !

  6. the keyword is behavior says:

    HA HA HA HA HA HA ,this is so stockton act like animal, act like a lowlife .worthless people .who can”t think to better them self. i feel for the man and his daughter.He had to come down to their level to help his if you live in stockton and you are more then that look out , you will have to be less then. The so called look at me, i am all that ,don”t get the form in which one appears

  7. S.K. says:

    I hope he had his rabies shot.

  8. BETTY says:


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