Today starts off with all the latest free agent signings and trade rumors in the NFL, Ervin Santana throws a no hitter for the Angels, the Pirates loss in the 19th inning on Jerry Meals’ blown call at the plate last night against the Braves.

Dave had his order wrong from drive thru before the show and mentioned on the air how the restaurant messed up. Then, the district manager for the restaurant came to the station after hearing Dave on the radio and gave him a huge bag of ranch dressing boxes, food and gift certificates for tons of free meals. That made Dave very happy and he also gives away free food to winners of club 50 trivia.

Next, listeners, Dave and Drew Hoffar get in a debate over the worst calls made by referees and umpires in pro sports history. After that, Dave plays audio about Brittney Spears latest lawsuit filed against her by a former body guard which claimed she farted burped and didn’t shower regularly. Another NFL update from the 49ers and Raiders who released Nate Clements and Bruce Gradkowski during the show and Club 50 trivia giveaway to close the show.