Today Dave introduces Drew Hoffar as his new co host and board operator. Drew is a die hard Raider fan which makes it interesting for die hard 49er fan Dave. Today we get the latest details on the Brian Stow case and the brutal beating he endured from opening day Giants vs LA Dodgers game. That sparks a debate on fans fighting at games and behavior of Raiders and Niners fans.

Next, they talk about Kevin Durant scoring 66 points in a street basketball game in New York, the NBA filing a lawsuit against players for not bargaining in good faith to get a deal done and end the NBA lockout. Then Drew gets the breaking news that Raiders tight end Zach Miller got traded to the Seattle Seahawks and goes into a deep depression. To close the show, Dave plays some audio of Dennis Rodman singing Pearl Jam on his 50th birthday, 5-year-olds that don’t want to get married and fight over it and a club 50 trivia giveaway.