SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — An alleged copper thief has been hospitalized after falling through the ceiling of a vacant store.

The suspect broke into the store in the 6700 block of Stockton Boulevard and used a ladder to climb up inside the ceiling, said Sacramento Police spokesman Sgt. Norm Leong. He made a wrong turn and fell through the ceiling, injuring himself.

Copper items taken from the vacant store

The suspect made it out of the store and called for help. When police found the man, he had several copper bolts and pipe that he had allegedly stolen from the store.

It’s not the first time the store has been hit. The owner says he’s frustrated because he can’t rent the space out or afford security to patrol it because of the bad economy.

Police have not yet released the name of the suspect.

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  1. Tax Payer says:

    The sad part is that this criminal will sue the building owner for injury and medical bills and pain/ suffering and get away with it. Thanks to slimeball lawyers that defend these types and take these kinds of cases, crime really does pay, one way or another…

    1. Matt says:

      I don’t believe this criminal will sue…nor will he win if he does.

      1. Are you Real? says:

        It has happened before and will again. A man was breaking in to a fast food joint after hours and fell from the false ceiling into a fryer and was burned severely. He sucsessfully sued the place for a million bucks.
        There was another case where a man was burglerizing a house and got himself locked in the garage. The family was on vacation and he spent 2 weeks in the garage and he sucessfully sued the family for false imprisonment.
        Crime does pay if you get the right lawyer.

      2. Lonnie says:

        Come on, it’s California for Christ’s sake!

      3. 51 Phantom says:

        “Come on, it’s California for Christ’s sake!”

        I think that is the point!


  2. Dale Nelson says:

    That’s not likely. the sad part is that people need to do this to survive

    1. What R U smoking says:

      Are you serious or just on crack?
      I was off work for over 6 months and almost lost my house and I didn’t rob or steal from anyone. Stop enabling these idiots. I am sorry the person got hurt but if they weren’t doing something they were not supposed to this wouldn’t have happend. If he was trying to survice why didn’t he try to steal food from a grocery store? Just a bull@#%! liberal excuse.

    2. Feech LaManna says:

      Wouldn’t it be “sad” if someone broke into your house and made off with your most prized possessions because he “needed” to survive …

    3. Archie Bunker says:

      Let me give you a piece of information you obviously don’t know. Good people do not steal because they need to survive.

  3. Nigglebaun says:

    or he did it knowing he was going to purposely hurt himself cause the settlement, even an out of court one, would be better then any amount of metal he could strip.

  4. Jaded says:

    As a business owner who is making $50,000 in repairs from a recent copper theft in this area (they ripped it right out of the walls), I’m somewhat torn. I agree that is is sad that people are in the place they are. However, there are more than not that are in the same place but don’t destroy others to get a leg up. When these types of thefts occur, it’s not a simple matter of “oh they have insurance”. More likely than not it effects not only the business owner but those who depend on those services to live, function, shop, etc. Sad…yes, necessary…i don’t think so.

    1. John B says:

      how else will he pay for his meth??????

  5. falcon says:

    Once a thief always a thief.

    1. stloony says:

      Unless you’ve been born again, thank you very much.

  6. redneckwriter says:

    Hahaha, karma.

  7. Loosers says:

    Too bad he did not die. Just a drain on society. I have a job and make more now then ever before. Anyone can do it if they try. Loosers

    1. Archie Bunker says:

      No, that isn’t true. You are fortunate to have a job because they are not easy to find these days. That being said, good people do not commit crimes just because they’re out of work. Only criminals will use that excuse.

  8. jim says:

    a shame he didn’t land on his head and solve the whole problem …

    1. 51 Phantom says:

      We call that “Thinning the Herd”.

  9. rob says:

    There is a need for recycler reform 100.000 BOND ,72hr hold on all matreial recycle by unlicense recycler contractor .A recycler THAT acepts material with out finger prints and photo and id they are CHARGED…. for recieving stolen property FINE $100.000 THESE CRACK HEADS ARE DESTROYING OUR COMMUNITY

    1. Archie Bunker says:

      I agree. We need to clamp down on the places that would buy this kind of stuff from anyone but a contractor, homeowner, etc. But to have someone walk in selling a bronze statue that they’ve stolen should be reported.

  10. TheRealKingMax says:

    Impeach Obama.

  11. ZOO says:

    Put a bounty on metal thieves – shoot on sight – pay by-the-pound reward.

    1. 51 says:

      “pay by-the-pound reward”

      Pounds of metal or of thieve?

  12. LJ says:

    Damn, copper must be worth a lot more than I ever thought. Maybe they are mistaking it for gold. Don’t seem like it worth getting hurt/killed over.

    Sounds like there needs to be some Recycle Center reform. Seems to easy to fence the stole copper.

  13. tremayfreon caudwell says:

    “Recycling Center reform” should be made to include the legitimate offering of
    “Fools Copper” pricing, whenever the buyer has doubts to the legitimacy of the material being sold. say copper goes for $3.94 a pound, “fools copper” can be purchased for no more than eleven cents per ton. that would eliminate the market for stolen copper, it suddenly becoming worth less than mud. and if the dullard is stupid enough to sell stolen copper for eleven cents per ton, the recycling center can legitimately make out.

  14. Jo Diggs says:

    Kinda feel bad for the landlord, dammed if you do, dammed if you dont.

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