STOCKTON, Calif. (CBS13) — The last outstanding suspect in a Saturday morning murder has turned himself in to authorities, police said.

The Stockton Police Department said 25-year-old Marcus McCliman called police Sunday morning and asked for officers to pick him up for the alleged murder of 26-year-old J.J. Lewis, who was stabbed to death outside a bar on Weber Avenue Saturday morning.

Police had already arrested 22-year-old Dorjan Lyndell Daniels and 25-year-old Djuane Nunely shortly after the incident.

A woman was also hurt in the incident but is expected to recover.

The murder took place near the scene of a restaurant shootout last Thursday, but investigators said there is no indication that the events are related.

Comments (9)
  1. Mace says:

    Oh Oh this gonna get interesting! It’s a shame these people can’t go out and behave themselves like adults. SMDH! Whoever stabbed and killed this boy need to do the time. They need to learn how to walk away…

  2. Mac Road Sniper ! says:

    Mirror Mirror on the way who’s the Dumbest Monkey Of Them All ?

  3. Elliott the Cat says:

    Where is Chris Webber Jr. When you need Her.

  4. MelMel81 says:

    Good point!! LMAO I think the same things because hello arent you suppose to pierce the left side of your face or ear if you aint gay?! so then how come the Marcus guy has his on the right side? HUMMMMM….. always trying to act way too hard!! Wow….

  5. thakid says:

    To my big brotha J.J Lewis…. We gone keep it lit out here for u pimpin…. I forgot to tell u when I seen u hours before this happen that I love u man… Even know u ain’t here wit us in this life well b meeting up wit u n the next brah! And to them suckas that did this be thankful u turned yourself in, straight up.

  6. miss unda stood says:

    it doesn’t matter who said what, NO one has the right to take a life just because they don’t like what was said . ignorant ass people in this world seem to think they can play God, they think they have the right to decode when someones life should end . but in the end , what’s it worth ? not a damn thing , and these dumb ass people running around in gangs and cliques think theyre hard
    but in reality if one gets caught alone, they’re just as weak as a wet paper towel . people need to change their mentality, value life.

  7. jkash$$ says:

    mann yuh suckas took my unkle dats messed uhp but i love yuh unkle jj shine in peace.

  8. teamjj says:

    rest in peace cuddy jj , its guccii !

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