Meadow Vista (CBS13) — Geese are ruffling up some feathers in Meadow Vista where many of the birds could soon be removed from a park.

Some people like Sheila Steinberg flock to a Meadow Vista park just to see the geese.

“They just put a smile on your face. They make a happy ending to your day,” said long-time Meadow Vista resident Sheila Steinberg.

Then there’s Heather Ireland who likes to feed her feathered friends.

“The geese belong in this park. They were put here by the founder of this park,” said Ireland.

A few domestic geese were donated about 30 years ago, and now about 35 of their offspring call this popular park home. Where’s the problem? Just look down.

“We always wipe off feet off before we get in the car,” said a mother out with her children.

“You get goose poop on your tires,” said a child.

The Auburn Recreation District (ARD) wants to get rid of a few of the birds to keep the park cleaner, but Ireland says they need to put the animals first. She showed the ARD dangers posed upon the geese after their first fishing derby. She says that’s when some board members told her perhaps the geese were the problem.

“The geese have been here 30 years. Why did it take complaints of the fishing derby for them to decide to act on them?” said Ireland.

After months of meetings, a committee is considering giving about 25 birds to willing caretakers, allowing only five to 10 to stay put.

“This is a pond that should retain four or five geese, but we’re going to retain more than that number. We don’t want to be draconian about it,” said ARD spokesman Jim Ferris.

“I think they should keep them because it’s part of nature and the geese like the pond,” said a child.

The ARD wants to remove the geese humanely. There are a few families already offering to adopt them. A committee of board members and residents will decide on how many to remove within the next four to five months before mating season begins.

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  1. Heather Ire says:

    What I find interesting is the statement by Fish and Game that the Meadow Vista pond is “a pond the size of which should contain no more than 4-5 (domestic) geese”. Yet, it was Fish and Game that saw nothing wrong with dumping 1000 lbs. of fresh water trout into that same small pond the day before a fishing derby which surrounded the pond with hundreds of first time anglers standing shoulder to shoulder. 8 turtles were hooked that day. Because the pond is home to at least 3 Western Pond Turtles listed as a “species of Special Concern” due to dwindling populations, a UCD biologist called the derby “immoral”. One Canada goose got hooked and it is certain that domestic geese would have been hooked too had I not persuaded ARD to allow us to round them up and keep them in the baseball field during the derby for their safety. That brings me to what I believe is the real reason ARD wants them gone now. They are an impediment to future fishing derbies. !000 lbs. of trout is okay for the small pond, but only 4-5 geese? I think it’s obvious what the true agenda is. So, while there may be less goose poop at Meadow Vista park, prepare for more fish hooks like the one I found yesterday and held up for the camera. They don’t wipe off nor are they biodegradable like goose poop which is mostly contained in one area of the park.