By Ron Jones

VALLEJO (CBS13) — Two people are accused of tying up and torturing two young children in Vallejo.

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The children’s mother tells CBS13 they suspects did nothing wrong, and that her kids are just lying.

Police are telling a different story, saying the children had rope burns, bruises and even stitches from a needle and thread.

Investigators say they have never seen anything like this before. They say one of the kids had an injury on his head and one of the suspects took a needle and thread and sowed it up.

“So, you’re saying you’ve never, ever abused your children? I discipline my children. I don’t abuse them,” said Paula Perez.

Police say Perez may not have abused her two children, but her lover. Klella Jo Farris, 45, and Farris’ son, Edward Kemp, allegedly did.

“Tied up and physically beaten,” said Vallejo Police spokesman Sgt. Jeff Bassett

Investigators say all three adults lived in an apartment complex in Vallejo. That’s where Perez’s four-year-old daughter and five-year-old son were allegedly tortured for misbehaving.

“The children had rope burns, bruises, lacerations, stitches,” said Bassett.

They were tied to bed posts, a toilet and the bathtub.

“Just various objects within the house overnight,” said Bassett.

Police say Farris went too far one day, cut the boy across the head, but had a plan to keep authorities in the dark.

“She used needle and thread to suture the injury and did not take the child to the hospital,” said Bassett.

“My partner, my girlfriend had went to college to become a paramedic,” said Perez.

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Paula admitted that her lover used a common needle and thread.

“She did a good job too. It’s healing very well,” said Perez.

Paula had an excuse for the alleged abuse. The rope burns around her boys arms? She said it was his fault.

“My son’s arm has a burn on it from the ethernet cord, something he wrapped around himself,” said Perez.

All this abuse allegedly is from her lover and her son.

Investigators say the abuse finally came to light when the young boy began walking around this complex talking to people, telling them about the alleged abuse and they called police.

Farris and Kemp went to jail, but later bailed out and the children were taken by CPS.

“Time out wasn’t working,” said Perez.

Perez shocked us when she told us her method of discipline.

The kids would be constantly sprayed with cold water if they told a lie until they confessed.

“It’s better than beating the hell out of them,” she said.

“When the kids would be caught lying they’d be tossed in a tub of ice water,” said Bassett.

Police say Perez was not arrested, but they are also investigating her for abuse.

Paula has a message to CPS: “I want them back.”

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Farris and Kemp are facing charges of assault with a deadly weapon.