By Kurtis Ming

Jim Campbell loves his Corvette — something evident from the care he takes to keep it in like-new condition.

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“It fits me well,” Campbell said. “It’s just a fun car to drive.”

It’s hard to find a single chip, dent or scratch on the sportscar’s thick coat of shiny white paint. Given the care he gives it, one might never know Campbell bought the car three years ago.

But if you look closely, the front end of the car is a slightly darker shade — a creamier color, from a yellowing protectant film.

“The film here has been applied to the car pretty much in the exposed areas that would be more susceptible to damage,” said Campbell, pointing at the clear protector.

He’s had the Venture Shield film installed for almost as long as he’s owned the car, and in that time he said it’s protected the car from rocks, bugs and other road debris.

But not from the test of time.

“After approximately a year or so the material had badly yellowed,” he said.

Venture Shield’s lifetime warranty said it covered the “replacement of products not conforming to the warranty” … which includes the film “turning yellow.”

The company paid for the replacement of the film twice when it yellowed on Campbell’s bright white car, but when 3M acquired Venture Shield, it said labor wouldn’t be included.

In this case, labor at the auto shop would cost Jim about $900.

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“It’s not reasonable, it’s not fair,” said consumer attorney Bill Kershaw. “Fundamental fairness is what a court would consider.”

He said the word “replacement” should cover the whole replacement process — including labor costs — not just the parts.

“It says replacement, period,” said Kershaw. “And to get the film on the vehicle, that involves labor.”

When CBS 13 contacted 3M, the company said it wouldn’t back down.

But once our story aired, an Elk Grove auto shop reached out to Campbell.

“I think it’s horrible,” said Joshua Maharajh, a part-owner at Genesis Window Tinting.

Genesis offered Campbell a different brand of protection film — one Maharajh said was more resistant to turning yellow — and said the it would install the film for free.

“We’re all consumers also,” said Maharajh. “So when it comes to a product, when it comes to a service, if you offer a lifetime warranty, we should back it up entirely.”

A short while after Campbell pulled in to Genesis, all signs of yellowing were gone.

What’s more, Maharajh said, this time around the lifetime warranty will cover labor.

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And once again, after three years of mindful care, Campbell’s Corvette looks as good as the day he bought it.