SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — A coalition of nonprofit groups is calling on customers of to cancel their accounts unless the Internet retailer stops resisting a California law that requires more online retailers to collect state sales tax.

   The coalition and several state lawmakers on Monday called on Amazon to “stop cheating California” by trying to repeal the law through a ballot referendum next year.

   They held a news conference outside the Capitol announcing a new website — — that is intended to organize opposition to Amazon and explain how customers can close their accounts.

   Lawmakers in June approved a measure to expand collection of California sales tax to more Internet retailers, estimating it would bring in at least $200 million a year.

   Amazon has spent $3 million on the referendum so far.

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  1. Manuel Garcia says:

    Why would I EVER boycott a company that wants to charge me less. It’s bad enough I pay sales tax anyway!

  2. Skeptic says:

    A “Not for profit”…. right… I’m sure Wal-Mart is funding this somehow… directly or indirectly….

  3. Skeptic says:

    … and to be honest, I’m not clear on why consumers should even have to pay sales tax on this. What services is California providing consumers OR these out of state companies that warrant a tax? The delivery services already pay taxes to use the roads/freeways via the gas tax. Seems like double-taxation to me…

    If taxes should go to any state — residents of California should be paying the state where the product originated/was sold.

  4. Ken says:

    The Boycott is crazy. I want to pay less and Amazon often allows me to do that on items I cannot get at a brick and mortar…

  5. Seoulgirl says:

    Keep fighting the good fight Amazon! I wouldn’t boycott a company that allows me to purchase items, basically, at a discount. California law makers passed the Dream Act without letting us vote on it and of course, hard working citizens of Caifornia are being stuck with the bill. We need our discounts wherever we can get them. Won’t step foot in WalMart for a minute but I’ll shop Amazon any day of the year.

    1. Old Hal says:

      Agree with your comments…..let me offer something else that our California “Lawmakers” have passed for us….. It is now mandatory that every home in California install a Co2 detector System. I have lived in California since 1956 and have never encountered a CO2 problem. To be law compliant, this week I had to purchase a CO2 Detector for about $20 and I installed it myself. Multiply that cost by 32 plus million homes and you’re talking some real cash plus “sales tax”….This new Law is intended only to provide sales for manufacturers and vendors. Do you think for a moment that our Law makers were concerned for my health, or for my money?

      1. Fred says:

        Hal – You are dead wrong. There is no requirement for a CO2 detector. If there was, everytime you opened your mouth you would set it off. The requirement is for a carbon monoxide (CO) detector, not a carbon dioxide (CO2) detector. CO2 is what the global warming alarmists are claiming id changing the climate. That too is BS.

  6. Old Hal says:

    This week I purchased an “E” Book from Amazon for my Kindle for $.99 (yes cents). And you want Amazon to collect $.07 (yes cents) from me and forward it to California Tax Board? Let me tell you, last week I bought a used car in Roseville and my California sales tax was $2300…..That amount of “sales tax” on a used car is what is keeping this economy in ruins, and efforts to collect seven cents doesn’t make much cents/sense……I also understand that Sacramento wants me to help pay for a $850 Million Dollar basketball court so that 3% of our population can sit in a sky box in comfort while I wonder about paying 7 cents for a book to read,,,,Give me a break!!! Another effort sponsored by a special interest group that has something to gain and wants Joe Sixpack to carry the load!!

  7. Ken says:

    This is silly. It is more likely to make people want to avoid these nonprofits than it is to hurt Amazon.

  8. ty says:

    Long live Amazon

  9. Tim says:

    Now let me get this right boycott Amazon for not going along with a tax increase to the consumer? Well why did they not boycott the Oil Companies when they were getting us for five dollars a gallon. That would have made more since to me. Why not boycott the Republicans for the mess we are in as Dubya caused it.

    1. Fred says:

      And BHO has done his best to make it worse.

  10. Thomas McDonald says:

    I say boycott all nonprofits since they don’t have to pay taxes in the first place..

  11. Janis says:

    Cheat a states that steals from its residents….

  12. Laszlo says:

    So your group wants us to boycot a company which in turn is trying to save the consumer (us) , money? And then what?, Ask us to turn over our full pay heck and you will decide what we get for it? This is wrong! Where were you when the Oil Companies were raping us for larger profits!

    1. Fred says:

      The oil companies? How about OPEC and the commodites traders. Oil is a global commodity. These companies don’t set the price.

  13. Bruce Hahn says:

    The coalition has identified worthy uses for additional tax revenue. However new Internet taxes are a very unpopular revenue source and a terrible policy choice. Corporate interests (especiall¬y shopping center owners) have been seeking to expand Internet sales tax collection because consumers are increasing¬ly leaving their cars in their driveways and shopping online.

    In this economy many state government¬s have no choice but to seek additional revenue sources. They often turn to increases in sin taxes (alcohol and tobacco) and increased income taxes on the wealthy, which have relatively little public opposition¬.

    By contrast consumers strongly oppose Internet sales taxes. A 2008 survey by Parade Magazine, asked readers: “Should Internet sales be taxed?” Based on 3,125 survey responses, 85% opposed taxing Internet sales. Clearly voters want to eliminate rather than expand Internet sales taxes. There’s ample precedent – 16 states currently have 56 different sales tax holidays, according to the Federation of Tax Administra¬tors

    A permanent Internet sales tax holiday would also help the environmen¬t, because a car parked in the driveway emits zero pollutants¬. The products we buy will be delivered by the U.S. postal carriers, UPS, and FedEx trucks that go through our neighborho¬od every day anyway.

    Consumers are also increasing¬ly having their garage sales on eBay, Amazon or through other online intermedia¬ries. Forcing us to collect online sales taxes from other consumers is unfair, since we don’t have to collect sales taxes when the sale is in our driveway.

    Bruce Hahn
    American Homeowners Grassroots Alliance

    1. Fred says:

      Every group can find “worthy uses” for somebody elses money.

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