By Ron Jones

ISLETON (CBS13) – A pit bull attacked another dog right in front of a frightened family, but when the father of the family grabbed a machete and tried to help out, he ended up under arrest on animal cruelty charges.

“My baby, he was almost attacked by the pit bull,” said Karla Chavez, the suspect’s wife.

Chavez was concerned that her neighbor’s pit bull was coming after her four children while they were playing in front of their Isleton home.

“It was really, really sad,” said Chavez.

She says at that the same moment there was a friendly stray dog, a German Shepard, that was visiting their family in the front yard.

“He’s a nice dog. I feed him and everything,” said Chavez.

She believes the German shepherd intercepted the pit bull before he could get the to the kids

It was a dog fight.

“And so I try to put all the kids on the trampoline because they were fighting in here,” said Chavez.

Karla’s husband, Juan Loza, couldn’t pull the dogs apart. The children panicked.

“Some of them were crying. Some of them were yelling, ‘stop, stop,’” said Chavez.

Juan was so concerned about his children’s safety that he attacked the dog with a machete.

“He had a machete,” said Chavez.

Juan does not speak English very well, but says he struck the pit bull along his back, only that didn’t slow the dog down. At that same time another fight broke out.

Karla says the owners of the pit bull, three women, were so angry about their dog being hit with the machete that they attacked her.

“They hit this just one eye, but they scratched me. They pulled my hair. They kicked my back. They hold my feet,” said Chavez, pointing to her bruises.

The kids were safe, but when deputies arrived, they took Karla’s husband to jail for animal cruelty.

“He has a court date,” said Chavez.

It’s unclear whey the neighbors didn’t also go to jail for assault. We’re still hoping to hear from sheriff’s department.

The owners of the pit bull were not available to comment.

Juan says he’d rather go to jail for animal cruelty than see any of his children hurt.

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  1. GRAPEVINE says:

    Then after killing the dog, I would have went to my neighbor, and kick his but to, because I warn all my neighbors if you have a pit bull and it comes towards me or my family I will kill that dog, and then come after you. I do not make ideal threats, just promises.

  2. Mike Smith says:

    Well of course Jaun is wrong. He should have called the police, then waited for them to arrive. Doesn’t Juan know the “LAW” ? Doesn’t Juan know you don’t have the “Right” to protect yourself in this country or worst yet in the state of california, not without putting yourself and everything you have worked for at great risk from the “twisted, sick leagal system”. I live in a rual area and if I was having my home being broken into by determined drug addicted thives and I called the police, they would come. And by the time they got to me, 20 or 30 mins aftre the call, they would find my dead body. So yah, don’t even think of protecting yourself. The goverment and police will take care of you. YAH !!!!!

    1. Own Law says:

      LOL!!! Agreed!! Never could have said any better. Our justice system is useless!

    2. Jeremy says:

      Mike, that’s why it’s not pronounced “California”, but “Commiefornia”. No right to defend yourself or bear arms, and you get taxed for everything. There should be a hammer and sickle in the red star on the state flag (the one on the bear’s nose).

  3. Agreed says:

    I agree with Grapevine! Pitbulls should be banned altogether. Animal cruelty my A.

  4. Not right... says:

    If someone is running at you with a knife and threatening you, you could legally defend yourself. If the same thing happened and it was a cop (on the job or not), he could legally defend himself.

    If a Pit Bull, not just any random type of dog, is running at a cop or at someone by a cop he could legally shoot and kill it on the suspicion it could harm someone. Why doesn’t the same apply here? There wasn’t a suspicion of harm, there was a real threat of the dog killing the other dog, or getting free of it, and getting to the kids or neighbors.

    1. JHM says:

      Many police officer’s become upset about members of the public who are in their opinion insufficiently sheep-like.

    2. SAVTRU says:

      The same does and the cops are idiots… There is NO animal cruelty here. The DA will drop the charges. He HAS THE RIGHT to protect himself and family and ANYBODY IN THE AREA if he feels their life is in immediate danger. AND HE WAS CORRECT. The THREAT was there and IN FRONT OF HIS HOME! I would have shot and killed that dog. And if the owners were to come out and threaten bodily harm they would have been next. YOU HAVE THE RIGHT to defend yourself and others… That IS the law! I cannot believe the cops these days…. Carry a gun and live to tell the story! Carry a knife and be the story!

  5. bob says:

    The father (Juan) who jumped with a machete to prevent a potential attack on his kids should walk–he did the right thing. The German shepherd stray who that took the brunt of the pit’s attack should get vet care and get adopted by the family. The pit’s owners should be fined for being careless with a dangerous dog, failing to train it and letting it run loose. But first and foremost, they should be arrested for assault and battery on the wife. And, the kids on the trampoline should consider themselves lucky.

    1. SAVTRU says:

      PS… KICKING somebody while on the ground, in the back is 245pc. The FOOT was the weapon! The owners need to go to jail.. I would hire an attorney and sue the cops and the neighbors… Like I said before.. Carry a gun and live to tell the story, carry a knife and become the story! I feel sorry for this poor innocent man!

    2. JHM says:

      It sounded like from the TV interview that the German shepherd stray had been adopted by the family for all practical purposes, which is probably why it was protecting the family.

      The larger question is how do the responding police persons from the Sheriff’s Department propose to justify their actions? And what does the management of the Sheriff’s Department propose to do about them?

      I certainly hope that Channel 13 does a follow up on this. And they deserve
      credit for full coverage of a serious case of police misconduct, ignore by other news outlets.

  6. PitBullsAreVicious says:

    The husband of the pregnant woman that was attacked and killed by her pit bull said: “They are the most loving animals I have ever had in my life. Whatever happened right now was not the breed’s fault. It was just a freak accident.”

    The victim loved her dogs — 2-year-old male Gunner and a 6-year-old female pit bull, Tazi — her family said.

    The victim was an avid supporter of Bay Area Doglovers Responsible About Pit bulls, or Bad Rap, which seeks to change attitudes toward the polarizing breed.

    Her husband is going to bury his wife with the ashes of the pit bull that killed her.

    Unfortunately for the victim, she and her husband were brainwashed by the pro pit bull lobby.

    And unfortunately, even after the killing of his pregnant wife by their loving pit bull, her husband still doesn’t get it…Pit bulls deserve the bad rap.

    1. SAVTRU says:

      The problem is that PIT BULLS are BREAD to fight. It’s is NOW in the genes of these animals. Just like a male dog lifting his leg to pee, it’s genetic, not taught! They were bread to fight, hence the muscle structure of the breed. The PREY DRIVE was bread into them and they will always have this! PIT’s need to be banned in CA, possibly even across the USA! I feel bad for saying that, but I have first hand knowledge and experience with this breed and they are bad! OVER 90% of the attacks in Sacramento are PIT BULL’s… They PUT DOWN MORE pit’s then ALL of the other dogs combined. What’s that say?

      1. Katie H says:

        Where did you get this statistic? I volunteer at the city shelter and can tell you this is incorrect. Pitt Bull bites might be the majority but not 90%. Many bites go unreported when the bites are from non bully breeds.

  7. jerseycat406 says:

    this man was right to protect his family,although I do wonder did he just happen to have a machete handy? I am glad his family is okey but I have to say you cannot condem all animals ( or people) for the actions of some.

  8. Kris says:

    This is a dog issue not a Pitt Bull is. Dogs fight, especiallly male intact dogs. All the man needed to do was turn the hose on them!!! It works, it really does!!!

    1. Sara Dechert says:

      I had neighbors that had 2 pits, one was great and loving, the other wasn’t, she would attack the other, i had jumped the fence several times to break it up, only way i could was get the water hose in the viscous ones mouth an make her choke, at one point i actually put one of those garden tools with 3 prongs and twisted.

    2. cineski says:

      Not every home has a hose in the front yard. It’s also a matter of protecting his family. This man had something worth fighting for and sometimes the closest tool does the best job.

    3. katie says:

      A hose? Are you kidding me? A machete works better.

      1. Kris says:

        No, I’m not kidding. Spray the hose directly into the dogs eyes and muzzle/nose area. Goggle how to break up a dog fight! Every dog trainer I’ve worked with suggests this!

  9. cineski says:

    Just like California where the Delta Smelt takes much more importance in the eyes of the liberal loonybirds running this state than the farmers. Now central CA is full of meth labs. Of course this helps the libs because it creates people who depend on the system rather than stand on their own two feet.

  10. Rusty says:

    Maybe deportation will follow after the arrest.

  11. Kristin J says:

    I have lots of issues with this story! The Pitt owners should have been arrested for assault and fined for the loose dog. Second what an idiot to use a machete to try and break up a dog fight. Next, in the video the woman made it sound like the German Shepard was the aggressor but the media starts the story with “A pit bull attacked another dog right in front of a frightened family,” what irresposiblle reporting!!! Next growing in the country most people did not contain their dogs, dogs are territorial thus there was always dog fights when a dog entered our yard. This happended regardless of breed. I’m not a Pitt Bull owner but I hate how the media portrays these dogs! In most cases agressive dogs are the result of their environment…unsocialized, no training, abuse ect…

    1. PitBullsAreVicious says:

      @ Kristin J:

      That is exactly what Darla Napora (avid supporter of Bay Area Doglovers Responsible About Pit bulls, or Bad Rap, which seeks to change attitudes toward the polarizing breed) would have said if she hadn’t been killed by her vicious pit bull.

  12. PitBullsAreVicious says:

    Ask Bay Area Doglovers Responsible About Pit bulls, or Bad Rap, which seeks to change attitudes toward the polarizing breed if they have ever had any of their supporters killed by a pit bull. If they answer truthfully, the answer will be yes.

    1. Jenn B says:

      Maybe you would be taken more serious with a different name. It makes you sound like a crazed, ignorant Pitt Bull opponent!!!

      1. PitBullsAreVicious says:

        @Jenn B

        You are offended by my name and not by another comment listed here under this article, by one of your smart and level headed pit bull apologists, that blamed the children saying they must have antagonized the pit bull?

        That is so intelligent and level headed. Oh, you are so smarrrrrrrt! LMAO!

      2. Jenn B says:

        I’m not a Pitt Bull apologist and I’m not offended. Don’t jump to conclusions. Just trying to help you out!

      3. PitBullsAreVicious says:

        Oh Sure, you’re trying to help your fellow pit bull apologists. No Thanks.

        You are making yourself sound like another Crazed, Ignorant Pit Bull Apologist!!!

  13. Jenn B says:

    Is the Pitt in the video the Pitt involved in the fight?

  14. Jenn B says:

    Guess I should add paranoid!

    1. Jenn B says:

      @ PittBullsAreVicious

    2. PitBullsAreVicious says:

      @Jenn B

      Yes, you do seem to be paranoid. LMAO still!!!!

      But, a study from the Journal of Forensic Psychology has shown that vicious pit bull owners, like you, are predisposed to psychopathy, criminal behavior, antisocial behavior, and other forms of social deviance.

      You do not state your opinion about this incident, because you know that Pit Bulls Are Vicious.

      You also know that what this pit bull did and what the other pit bull did to the pregnant woman, in Pacifica, is indefensible.

      You and other pit bull apologists know you can’t defend the indefensible viciousness of the pit bull. So, you stoop to hiding behind a cloak of non committal and infantile insults about a name.

      How pathetic!

      1. ILOVEMYPIT says:

        You need to check your facts about the cali case. she fell and off a ladder and the ladder hit her head and the dog was tryin to wake her up. Then a trigger happy cop saw a pit with blood on him and shot him. You look pretty dumb with all your comments. YES i own a pit bull u can say what u want but im sure it nothin you didnt get from main stream media. so dont get a pit. you just like u ans some other people dont know how to rasie them and those people… thugs, dogfighters and gangsters lol… are the ones to blame and give all pits a bad name. So stay on you bandwagon and listen to whatever abc news wants to feed you. Hate pits like you would hate devil. because you dont deserve such a loving loyal pet. .

      2. Jenn B says:

        Dude get a grip, you don’t know me. Do not own a Pitt and never have. I have cattle dogs and border collies who work on my ranch! Yes paranoid was directed at you!

      3. PitBullsAreVicious says:

        @Jenn B. I repeat, you are pathetic.

        @ILOVEMYPIT: Here is a link to the facts regarding the vicious killing of the pregnant woman in Pacifica by her loving pit:

        The fact is, ladders do not leave bite marks.

        Apparently, the victim didn’t deserve such a loyal and vicious pet either.

      4. Jenn B says:

        Sorry but the prelim autopsy came back and stated that her death was caused by the dog. Bite marks matched the male Pitt. It’s beyond me why the dog wasn’t neutered. Tragic

      5. Jenn B says:

        @PitBullsAreVicious My opinion is both parties could of handled the situation differently but probably had no experience handling a dog fight. Both a Pitt Bull AND a German Sherpard CAN be vicious. I also think the 3 women should have been arrest too. IMO your pathetic!!!

      6. PitBullsAreVicious says:

        @ Jenn B:

        If you want people to take you seriously, try learning how to use proper English and spell correctly. It is “you’re” not “your” and it is spelled “Shepherd” not “Sherpard.”

        And Jenn B, based on your last statement which includes your pit bull apology (defending pit bulls by comparing their viciousness to the viciousness of German “Shepherds” and blaming the victim for not handling a vicious pit bull attack properly), and your improper usage of the English language, you have verified beyond a reasonable doubt that you’re a pathetic and uneducated pit bull apologist.

        Thank you for confirming what we already knew about you.

      7. Jenn B says:

        @pitbullsarevicious Wow how old are you! People make typos when typing from a phone….but we all can’t be perfect like you dear! Don’t let a Pit Bull bite you in the ass!

      8. PitBullsAreVicious says:

        @Jenn B,

        Well I’m happy to see that you finally figured out how to spell “pit” correctly when you are referring to a “pit bull” (you continuously misspelled “pit” bull as “pitt” bull in your previous comments).

        A single spelling error could be an accident, but multiple repetitive spelling errors confirm your lack of intelligence.

        Now don’t throw another tizzy fit, I’m just trying to help you out!

      9. Jenn B says:

        @ PitBullsarevicous…man you would think I would spell it correctly because I own Ptt Bulls and I’m a Pitt Bull apologist. What an uneducated pathetic idiot I am. Your right!!! LMAO

  15. Boonez78 says:

    Hopefully when this gets in front of the judge he will see the MASSIVE INJUSTICE that we here are all seeing. Really should Juan have waited to react until one of his children were attacked, and don’t get me started on the neighbors why are they at home in their cozy trailer while Juan is in Jail. I am seeing more and more dogs go without being put down after attacks. Our neighbor had a pit bull our Pomeranian Chihuahua mix would go into their yard and play with their little wiener dogs. Their 8 month old pit bull attacked our dog and killed him, yes we were at fault because he went in their yard which he had done for several years before they got their pit-bull. The Vet Warned us that he may not attack children but was extremely dangerous to other dogs. we just heard that they had to put the pit bull down not only did it kill our dog it killed 2 friends dogs, 2 stray dogs while out for a walk (leashed) He also bit two of their friends thank goodness they weren’t children. We wouldn’t let our kids go play with theirs after he killed our dog with the fear the pit bill would attack a child. I am glad we stuck to our guns all this happened before the dog was 10 months and the owners were raising him to be a “family dog’ The problem with pit bulls is they are SO unpredictable!

  16. Ray Kevin says:

    Simple fact is all I see here and that is a dog not being controlled by the owner and that is the only fact that should matter in this case. I have had a pit bull and I made damn sure even though friendly he was secure at all times ! Do you want to know why? Because i knew I would be responsible if that dog got lose and attacked someone or another animal. That is what you would call being responsible for your actions or in-actions.

  17. Jeremy says:

    Outrageous! Can anyone say “racial profiling”? Even though this guy is a potential illegal immigrant, I think he shouldn’t be punished. He did exactly what he was supposed to do. I probably would’ve slain the beast (the dog).

    1. Role Guy says:

      I would have done something similar, since I don’t own a gun. This guy should not have been charged with animal cruelty. Neighbors should have been arrested and their pit bull taken for observation, then slaughter.

  18. Karenn says:

    Juan did the right thing protecting his family…The three females that attacked his wife should have went to jail themselves…but im pretty sure they took him because he was unable to communicate right with police…I hope everything is worked out right…but for a Mexican living in Cali…I doubt it…First the whites attack the blacks now they’re movin onto Mexicans…but all of u that hate on Mexicans can suk it jajajajaja

    1. trj says:

      Sounds like you already are.

  19. Penny Jensen says:

    You got to be kidding me! Jaun was definding his fanily! I would have done the same but with my gun instead! This poor man will more then likely have the book thrown at him. While REAL animal abuisers. Like the guy that set a dog on fire just to watch it burn. Get a slap on the wrist and set free. And dammit! Pit owners like those woman makes it harder on resonsible pit owners like me. These ladies NEED to charge with letting a dog run at large, assualt to Chavez and made to pay for the stray dog vet bills. I am keeping in mind that I am only hearing one side of the story. But from what I read so far the owners of that dog is in the wrong. Someone needs to get this guy a good lawyer.

  20. linda says:

    I think this father did the only thing he could do at the time to save his kids. No way should he be arrested. And whyis the 3 women getting away with beating up his wife???? Where is the justice or the right to defend you children?????? I would think that any Judge in his right mind would throw this case out and arrest the women that beat up the wife. Linda in Sacramento

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