By Tony Lopez

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Flames ripped through an apartment today, but the fire did not spread. Two big reasons for that: a couple of hip hop heroes who sprang into action.

Enter “Cowboy and a Thug”, an unlikely rap duo whose afternoon rehearsal suddenly went from very cool to smokin’ hot.

“And we hear ‘fire, fire!’” said Thug.

Their neighbor’s apartment was on fire so it was time to stop the music.

“So I just took my hand and broke the glass and grabbed the fire extinguisher,” said Cowboy.

With bloody knuckles and a trusty sidekick, this rappin’ duo was determined to keep a steady beat to beat back the flames.

“So we just got in there real low and just started shootin’ all this stuff, and we couldn’t really breathe,” said Cowboy.

So, with Cowboy’s courage and the Thug’s quick thinking, they both grabbed wet towels to help them breathe. They got their buddy out and put the fire out as well.

“And we got in real low with the towels and just sprayed it,” said Cowboy.

And that was a rap for these hip hop heroes.

So will this experience help inspire a new song? You bet. Cowboy and a Thug will be back in rehearsal tomorrow looking for that hot new single.

If Cowboy and a Thug look familiar it’s because they have played at the State Fair and they’re hoping to take their act to Las Vegas.

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  1. Brett Donley says:

    lol a 40 year old white rapper lol

    1. ezmoney says:

      come see me get down sat @ 6 pm at the arden fair mall

  2. J_DOGG says:

    You guys were badass didnt even hesitate just new what to do….. Oh yeah Saturday I’ll be there for sure cant miss COWBOY AND A T.H.U.G and if anyone who doesn’t go see it well you will be missin out!!!!!!!! Keep doin ya all thang.I’veI believed and supported you guy’s from day 1 and still am nor will I ever…. Peace The Homie J_DOGG!!!!!!

  3. ed says:

    keep your day job

  4. abuja19 says:

    Those rappers did an awesome thing. Nice!

  5. jamie says:

    Yeap, they are heroes! BUT PLEASE DO NOT RAP! OUCH! MY EARS! LOL LOL

  6. Mondavi says:

    Meth….it makes even YOU, think you could be a rap star. Great job guy. Put down the rocks.

    1. ezmoney says:

      we don’t do drugs and our music is clean you may want to see us live with a real sound system and some real mics. come see @ the arden fair mall then judge us! or go to here and listen again

  7. FLOP says:

    OMG! Whoever wrote this piece needs to be sued for the time it took to read this and for the time one will never get back.
    “And that was a rap for these hip hop heroes”
    really?? It’s suppose to be “wrap” as in wrap it up!

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