WOODLAND (CBS13) – Police in Woodland arrested three boys for allegedly killing 31 fish at Woodland High School over the weekend.

On Sunday a student found the catfish mutilated or poisoned to death in pools where they were being raised as part of a FFA project. Each fish was approximately 1 ¾-2 ¼ pounds and 14”-16” long.

Police say an investigation led them to three young Woodland residents aged 14, 12 and 11. All three were cited for cruelty to animals, burglary and conspiracy. They were released to their parents.

The case remains under investigation. Anyone with information in the case is asked to call the Woodland Police Department at 530-666-2411 or 530-661-7800.

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  1. Linda says:

    Watch these boys in the future. Serial killers in the making!

  2. homerdillrod says:

    Warren Berg is the only board member who will vote against having them disciplined. He is a moron

    1. School Board Supporter says:

      Warren Berg is the advocate for having these kids be punished to the fullest. If you didn’t realize both of Warren’s daughters went through FFA and to this day he is still an active volunteer for the Woodland FFA and he is doing all in his power to make sure these kids get s what coming to them so who the real moron???

    1. blah says:

      all nationalities commit crime! Do you read the papers? I mean honestly..its sad our society allows this behavior and labels it white, black, or whatever…these ppl are sick…doesnt mater what race they are!

  3. wandab says:

    not only was this story sad, but to think jack1122 ask was the person’s that did this was black or Latino, no, SORRY THEY WERE WHITE KIDS, read your BIBLE jack

    1. kjsundstrom says:

      How does anyone know if they were white or black or Latino? Their names weren’t released.

  4. Warren says:

    Linda is exactly correct. Little mindless pukes like these are the result of pi** poor parenting. The parents are the ones to blame and yes,in a few years the parents will be visiting these kids in prison or on death row. The parents can be proud of the spawn they are creating.
    Maybe CPS should be paying regular visits to their homes to verify the neglect present.
    By the way, my 27 years in law enforcement proves that race has absolutely nothing to do with it.

  5. Gryphon says:

    More than likely they were not Black or Latino.

    1. cynthia says:

      The man that decapitated his disabled son was white, the man that killed 60+ innocent people in Norway was white. Casey Anthony is white. What difference does race have to do with it? A murderer is a murderer (people or animals) no matter the race. Jack 1122, what a stupid and senseless question.

    2. Matt says:

      cynthia, Casey didn’t do it remember? Neither did OJ.

    3. Tom says:

      Yes because if they were after killing them they would have teken them home for dinner.

  6. Yvonne Blake Horgeshimer says:

    they belong to FMA future murderers of America

  7. Yvonne Blake Horgeshimer says:

    people stop with the prejudice already i had a fully white psycho stepson, and knew other fully white psychos besides him, and Hitler was part black which is a proven fact but he had the relatives killed to keep it a secret

    1. Matt says:

      Hitler being part black IS NOT A PROVEN FACT. Stick with REAL FACTS PLEASE!

  8. Ktubbs says:

    I think those kids should have had to spend just a little time in a jail cell or juvenile detention center. They need to get a feel for what life will be like on the “inside”. To think this is/was their first and last act of violence seems a bit unlikely. They are definitely lacking morals and their crimes will probably only become more violent and disturbing as they grow older. I hope they receive sone kind of counselling and intervention ASAP!

    1. hk says:

      I agree!!!!!

  9. mammalsaremammals says:

    It is amazing how we judge others in society. I hear people say that any other race but white is what causes the problems.
    WRONG. Science says animals are different colors. Do we apply the same reasoning to cats, dogs, birds, etc.,.? Of course not!
    Why then do these idiots apply it to humans? Science is science. All mammals are different colors. Makes no difference!

  10. you'reallabunchofassumers says:

    Where do you people get the idea that these kids are growing up to be serial killers? There is no proven scientific method for saying that. There is no proven psychological method either. it is not true.
    Some of you need to go back to school so you can open your minds and grow up.

    1. hk says:

      it has been proven that most serial killers began with animals..fish are animals…get the facts. its very sad. I hope someone gets help for these children. Doubt it will happen but pray for help for them!

    2. SorryForTheStudents says:


      Listed below are some excerpts from studies and articles regarding animal cruelty and its future implications.

      You can find information about these studies on the Department of Justice’s Web site, the American Humane Society Web site, and the ASPCA Web site:

      From the ASPCA:
      Studies have found that many people convicted of violent crimes had a history of animal cruelty. Jeffrey Dahmer, Ted Bundy, Andrew Cunanan, David “Son of Sam” Berkowitz, and Albert “Boston Strangler” DeSalvo were cruel to animals before they started hurting people. Adults are not the only ones whose cruelty to animals can be a sign of deeper troubles.

      From the U.S. Department of Justice:
      Kellert and Felthous (1985) found that violent, incarcerated men reported higher
      rates of “substantial cruelty to animals” in childhood (25 percent) than a comparison group of nonincarcerated men (0 percent).

      American Humane Association:
      Still another study showed that violent offenders incarcerated in a maximumsecurity prison were significantly more likely than nonviolent offenders to have committed childhood acts of cruelty toward pets (Merz-Perez, Heide, & Silverman, 2001).

      1. Tom says:

        YOU MUST BE A LIBERAL !!!!!!!

    3. SorryForTheStudents says:


      As you can see, your assumption is incorrect.

      Study after study has shown that there is a correlation between childhood abuse of pets and adult violent crime against women and children.

      If you or your children (god forbid you have any) are abusing animals, you should stop immediately and seek counseling.

  11. marcie says:

    punk ass kids that have nothing better to do. but if they choose this path in life then i hope they get a taste of what prison has to offer since that’s where they’re headed.

  12. ray says:

    Id like to hold their heads under water for punishment then maybe they would really fess up to what other crimes they may have committed! Yea, Water boarding is always good for collecting intelligence but in this case there is no intelligence. Down Cheney down!!

  13. Ray Kevin says:

    One of the three may become the President of the United States!
    That is what is scary now a days people vote on looks and personality
    not smarts!

  14. DemocratKoolAidDrinker says:

    After reading these comments I cant help but shake my head at how stupid these comments are. These are boys being boys. Remember back in the days when boys were allowed to be boys and they grew up to be men? Its obvious those days are behind us. Yes the kids shouldnt have killed the catfish but to say they will probably become serial killers is just stupid.

    1. disgusted! says:

      really killing animals is just being boys! really are you a total idiot! That is not a normal BOY behavior…and for you to say that just boggles my mind. Your child probally thought it was ok to bully ppl because hey he is just being a boy! Sad sad sad!!!!

    2. SorryForTheStudents says:


      Yes and some of the boys that were allowed to abuse animals grew up to be:

      Jeffrey Dahmer, Ted Bundy, Andrew Cunanan, David “Son of Sam” Berkowitz, and Albert “Boston Strangler” DeSalvo.

      They were all cruel to animals before they started hurting people.

      Your statement is lame and very troubling at best.

  15. Ben says:

    Seriously the people on here are freaking out over 3 kids killing 31 fish?
    This isn’t something that should be taken lightly but these are kids and
    kids will be kids and make mistakes. It’s like saying the guy that just killed
    his daughter killed 32 fish when he was a child….we should of saw it coming.
    The truth is there is no pattern to things like this situation or that one.
    My cousin once killed a bird for no reason when he was a child.He’s perfectly
    fine now with kids and a wife. It didn’t mean anything then and it still doesn’t other then the fact that he was a kid and made a mistake…..get over it people!

    1. SorryForTheStudents says:

      Hi Ben,

      The difference here is that most likely your cousin killed the one single bird and then felt remorse for what he did and sadness for the bird.

      Your brother did not poison, torture, and mutilate to death 31 birds. Children that torture, mutilate and kill so many animals in one sitting are most likely working their way up and they have already killed many other animals to get to this point.

      These little sociopaths most likely do not feel any remorse for this savage act. It appears that they enjoyed what they did and most likely they have done it before..

    2. That kidA says:

      Their just fish. Who cares. And ok everyone is thinking by killing fish is gonna make a serial killer.

      1. SorryForTheStudents says:

        @ That kidA:

        Yes, and everyone is thinking that you need to go back to school and learn how to write properly.

  16. heinrich says:

    big difference between white and RUSSIAN……..just saying

  17. JusticeWarrior says:

    They need to be punished by being sprayed with herbicide and repeatedly bashed over their heads with a hammer.

    1. That kidA says:

      I think you need to see a counselor

  18. Chris says:

    and the mau maus and khemer rouge were whites in make up I guess huh susie? I fail to see your implication that white = serial killer or that the kids in question are white at all.

    1. SorryForTheStudents says:

      I agree, this isn’t a racial or political issue (though some here want to make it one). It is a parenting issue.

      The parents should be held responsible and liable, as well as their little sociopaths.

      The parent’s names should be made public (even if they are prominent citizens).

      The truth is that usually, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

  19. still kicking says:

    In the 1980s there was a string of vandalism in Woodland. It was common knowledge who the kids were but the wealth and prominence of their fathers made them untouchable. One night they tore up some fields of a major long term landowner so the police were forced to act. A stupid 30 year old took the fall and went to jail.

    Later in the decade an arson burned down most of a newly built elementary school. It was known in some circles who the kid was that did it but his father’s high position in law enforcement kept him from being charged. The father was later given the boot by the county but still retired with a lifetime large pension that he is probably still collecting on over 20 years later.

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