(Sacramento, CBS 13) – A 64-year-old priest has been suspended by the Catholic Diocese of Sacramento after he showed up drunk to a baptism ceremony on Saturday.

Rev. Julian Medina showed up an hour late to the baptisms at All Hallows Catholic Church at 5501 14th Ave. and reportedly was stumbling, slurring his words and even fell over at one point.

A staff member at the church called for a church deacon to come in and perform the baptisms of 15 children in front of about 150 people.

Medina, who has been with the diocese since the 1970s, has been suspended indefinitely.

“We certainly have a big apology to the people who were inconvenienced that day,” said diocese spokesman Kevin Eckery. “And if indeed he has a problem, we’ll get him the help he needs.

“All in all it was probably a difficult morning for a lot of people. It was a special day and that’s not how they wanted to spend part of their special day.”

A neighbor of the church was surprised by the news.

“Oh wow, I’ve known that church to be pretty good. If somebody were to go to church slurring and drunk that’s not a good example,” Maria Sanchez said.

And another neighbor said, “I’m shocked. I’ve lived here 15 years and never noticed nything that would be bad at that church.

The diocese will now investigate the incident further. If they learn the priest has an alcohol problem, they pledge to help him with treatment.

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  1. The Blogger says:

    Wow, heck of a story……

    Sounds like he has a weakness for Red Wine!

    Maybe a trip to rehab is in order.


  2. ronjon31 says:

    No way…a drunk catholic priest?

    1. KLAATU1955 says:

      I know its shocking……NOT

  3. bookwomyn says:

    The Diocese suspends a priest for being drunk but not for molesting kids. Right.

  4. Mike Brunelle says:

    So let me see if I got this right, they will indefinately suspend someone for being drunk? If one of them rapes or molests a little boy They just move them to another church and pay off the victom. Whats not right about that? Can someone logically explain the reasoning behind this>>

    1. shameonyou! says:

      They have already apologized for that happening. And they do not do it anymore.

      That disease is just as sick and twisted as alcoholism. And I deplore the statement made in this article by the representative that IF he needs help, we will see that he gets it.
      Where were you? IF??? Obviously this man’s disease has been allowed to go too far! And someone knows about it long before now. There is no excuse. Alcoholism kills. And the ones it doesn’t,remain brain dead/messed up in the head if they use long enough.

  5. Meems says:

    Yes, no one sees them molest the children, but tons of people saw this happen so it was kind of hard to pull a cover up… I’m sure if there was a way they would have found it.

  6. Whitey says:

    Wow… too drunk to be a kid toucher? That’s an awful lot of tequila, Father Medina.

  7. Father Ted says:

    Alright Dougal, we’ll let Father Jack handle the baptisms.

  8. Mark says:

    LOL. And they wonder why fewer and fewer people identify with religion. Welcome to 2011, where we dare think for ourselves!

  9. allsinners says:

    Mark…Really? this was a stupid comment. All religions are made of people. People are not infallible they are human. If one can not grasp/separate the human factor from the religion, and understand that sin happens in all of us,what is the point?
    We look to priests, nuns, and ANY representative [of any religion] to be perfect and know better. They aren’t infallible. They have the same qualities we do!. They are human. And there are less ratio of religious leaders than general population that commit these crimes.
    If we expect them to be sinless, then we have a problem as well.

  10. Wpd2234 says:

    This is so unfortunate that a priest like this was sent to a great church like All Hallows.

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