SACRAMENTO(AP) — The attorney representing a woman accused of fatally microwaving her 6-week-old daughter says she needs more information about the woman’s mental health before she can enter a plea on her behalf.

Linda Parisi says the psychological health of her client, Ka Yang, may have affected her actions.

The Sacramento County District Attorney’s office agreed during a brief court hearing Friday to give Parisi until Sept. 29 to gather more evidence.

Yang, a 29-year-old mother of four, is charged with murder with special circumstances in the death of her daughter, Mirabelle, in March. She was arrested in June after authorities discovered her baby died of “extensive thermal injuries.”

Prosecutors have not said if they will seek the death penalty.

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  1. T Vang says:

    She is ill, let her go. However, I suggest she goes for a tube tide. No more kids for her, it is unsafe. That is a sad news for everybody, poor baby!

    1. thinkaboutit says:

      “She is ill let her go????”
      SHE IS ILL>>>>GET HER TREATMENT AND LOCK HER UP IN THE TREATMENT CENTER> this will continue if she does not get help. And some sadly, can not be helped to the extent of returning to society.
      She had a chance to get help before this occurred. She did not do it.
      So not it must be court ordered and continued!

    2. cmore says:

      What is a “tube tide”? If you mean a tubal ligation, it should be mandatory. She should never be allowed to have another child.

      Let her go? You must be as crazy as she is. She needs to be punished and not just by seeking mental health. Everyone says they have mental health problems when they get caught after a crime. That is such a cop out.

      She sure didn’t have any problems with spreading those legs.She didn’t have problems getting welfare. She needs to be put in a microwave.

      1. Ap says:

        I agree with you completely!!!!!!!!

    3. Idiots says:

      Stupid foreigners protecting their own kind. Learn to speak “American”!!!

      1. Idiots is dumb says:

        Idiots! If you are not Native American then by all means you are also a foreigner. Oh, do you mean speak English. You are what you named yourself. Haha!

      2. blank says:

        Learn to speack “american”?? You must mean “English”! I think you’re the foreigner.

    4. Ap says:

      T Vang what kind of drugs do you do????

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