By Maria Medina

MODESTO (CBS13) — Rich Armstrong and his service dog were crossing a Modesto theater parking lot about a week ago when a pickup truck barreled toward them, hit them and tossed them both about 30 feet.

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Emma, half yellow lab and half golden retriever, is trained to never leave her owner’s side, but sensing Armstrong, who is paralyzed from the waist down, was in trouble, she did an amazing thing.

As Armstrong lay on the ground helpless in front of the Regal Cinemas 10 in Modesto, parts of his wheelchair crushed, Emma got up and ran to the side of the theater. Emma somehow found her way inside, and among the crowd of people buying popcorn and drinks, she found Armstrong’s wife.

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“She ran up to her and gave her the leash and tugged her and pulled her all the way out here to me,” Armstrong said when recounting the incident on Monday.

Armstrong has had Emma for about 8 months and hopes to have her for years to come.

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“I can’t live without her she can’t live without me,” he said.
Despite being thrown about 30 feet, Emma and her owner escaped serious injury.